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Water Quality Report (2023)

We've uncovered the sewage scandal, and its devastating human impact, in all four corners of the UK.

Sunset Session

Finish Ocean School feeling as relaxed as when you started. This final mindfulness moment is all about reconnecting to the ocean and reflecting on what you've learned and experienced.

Mindfulness Moment

Get Ocean School off to a chilled start by taking a moment to relax and reconnect. Eyes shut. Minds open.

Mark the Tide

Is the tide coming in or going out? It can be hard to know when you first arrive, so this activity is a good way to find out.

Pupil Protest

Make a difference and make it loud. Turn up the volume on the Voice of the Ocean activity by turning interesting information into an in-your-face protest.

Beach Clean

Get some hands-on experience with ocean pollution. With a good pair of gloves and a keen pair of eyes, you can literally gather data from around the world, right on the beach.

Beach Clean & Sort

It’s time to put ocean pollution in its place. These activities are all about organising your rubbish to give you a better look at the things polluting our beaches.

Habitat Chat

Ever lifted up a stone and seen a tiny crab scurry away? Or dug a hole in the sand and had a sand hopper spring into your lap? All sorts of creatures and critters live in habitats on the beach. And the more we know about them, the more we can do to keep them safe.

Rockpool Ramble

In this rockpool ramble, you're going to explore the rockpools on the beach, see who lives there, and figure out how their homes might be affected by rubbish and pollution.