Our reports and resources

From campaigning reports to educational resources, browse through all our Ocean Activist documents here


Water Quality Report (2023)

We've uncovered the sewage scandal, and its devastating human impact, in all four corners of the UK.

Brand Audit Report (2022)

Who are the #DirtyDozen fuelling the plastic pollution crisis and filling the Ocean with their single-use packaging?⠀

Habitat Chat

Ever lifted up a stone and seen a tiny crab scurry away? Or dug a hole in the sand and had a sand hopper spring into your lap? All sorts of creatures and critters live in habitats on the beach. And the more we know about them, the more we can do to keep them safe.

Rockpool Ramble

In this rockpool ramble, you're going to explore the rockpools on the beach, see who lives there, and figure out how their homes might be affected by rubbish and pollution.

Ocean Impact Report

The Surfers Against Sewage Strategy (2022-2024) to deepen impact and effectiveness in this Ocean Decade

Food Chain Challenge

Look at the person on your left. Now at the person on your right. One of these people will try to eat you. But who? In these activities, you’re going to play the parts of different marine animals, and see who can eat their way to the top of the food chain.

Digital Experience

Not near the sea? Dive into our 360 Digital Experience that will bring the sea, to you. From learning about ocean pollution to exploring real-life rockpools, the Ocean School Digital Experience will help you feel connected to the coast, no matter where you are.

Voice of the Ocean

If the ocean could speak, what would it say? Using everything you’ve learnt, seen, found and felt, you’re going to do something big and brave to make a noise for the ocean. What will you do?