Our climate emergency campaigns

Take action for the ocean and climate

If the ocean suffocates, we suffocate.

So here’s what we’re doing to stop this from happening – and how you can help.

From rising sea levels and soaring temperatures to dying habitats, the ocean is bearing the full brunt of human-induced climate change. But as the world’s largest carbon sink, it’s also our best chance to reverse the climate crisis if we treat it right. We don’t have long before the damage is irreparable. Let’s turn this around…

What we’re doing to help tackle the climate emergency

Overfishing, plastic pollution, and excessive chemical and sewage discharge are all destroying the ocean’s ability to absorb and reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide, increasing the planet’s warming and the intensity of the emergency we face. Through our network of Ocean Activists, we ensure that the ocean is represented within efforts to tackle the climate crisis. We raise awareness of the effect climate change is having on the ocean, and champion the ocean’s role as a key tool in addressing climate change. We have also achieved carbon net zero status as a charity and are constantly looking for ways we can reduce our own carbon omissions.

The ocean’s voice is now being heard in the climate emergency – but this is just the beginning. We demand the UK becomes net zero by 2030, and cleaning up the ocean is a huge factor in achieving that.

Our past campaign successes

Youth Ocean & Climate Summit and Manifesto: To mark World Ocean Day 2021, we gathered 100 youth activists aged 11-18 for a virtual event to discuss the plight of the ocean and the threat of climate crisis. The aim? To listen, learn and give them a platform to address the people who make the rules – which included a panel of MPs, government ministers, journalists and the Spokesperson for COP26. As a result of the conference, we produced the Youth Ocean & Climate Manifesto, a clarion call for change, which captures the passion and ideas of our youth activists, and sets out a roadmap for the years ahead.

Ocean and Climate Emergency Petition: To mark the UK’s hosting of 26th UN Climate Conference (COP26) in 2021, we launched our Ocean and Climate Petition – an online campaign to place the health of the ocean right at the heart of the conference. The petition demanded that the four UK Governments recognise the importance of a thriving ocean, and acknowledge the significant role it can play in mitigating the climate crisis. An amazing 66,370 people signed the petition, including 33,957 school pupils. The petition was handed into to Prime Minister at No 10 Downing Street to which we recived a response from the COP President, Alok Sharma in January 2022.

G7 Paddle Out: In 2021 the G7 Environment Summit came to Cornwall. With leaders from the worlds richest nations and global press on our door step, over 1,000 Ocean Activists joined us to send a clear message to those in power. Our ocean is in crisis and its time to ACT NOW to take action on climate and keep 1.50 alive. From Surfers to swimmers, Scotland to Scilly, we made our voice heard.


COP26: In November 2021 Glasgow played host to leaders from across the world for the largest climate conference on Earth. And SAS were there in person to demand the ocean to be front and center of the climate crisis. We challenged national and global leaders, put the Youth Ocean & Climate Manifesto in the hands of decision makers, and represented Ocean Activist in the corridors of power.


Ocean & Climate Report: Our Ocean & Climate report highlights the impacts, causes and solutions to the ocean & climate crisis.

You can't solve the climate crisis without the ocean, and you can’t solve the ocean crisis without reducing emissions.

John Kerry, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate