Brand Audit

Calling out the plastic polluters

Who are the culprits responsible for the tidal wave of plastic pollution filling up the ocean? We know, and we’re calling them out.

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From our sandy beaches to our city streets, we’re sick and tired of picking up plastic pollution. The ocean is drowning in plastic and our systems simply can’t cope. We can’t pick our way out of this problem. It’s time for the big businesses responsible for flooding the world with plastic to take responsibility and reduce their plastic packaging. 

Alongside our Million Mile Clean, every year tens of thousands of Ocean Activist citizen scientists are calling out the plastic polluters responsible for the scourge of plastic pollution across the country through our Brand Audit. 

What is the Brand Audit?

The Brand Audit is a record of the brands that produce the plastic you find out and about, from cities and parks, to shorelines and mountaintops. By counting the number of plastic items you find whilst out on a Clean, we can get an idea of the biggest offenders, whether it’s Coca-Cola or Cadbury’s. Simply tally items as you go, or sort the pollution you’ve found at the end of the clean. Register to do a Million Mile Clean and you’ll receive a Brand Audit toolkit with a data recording sheet. Then all you have to do is submit your results to us online.

The more data submitted, the more power we have to hold plastic polluters to account, and demand they reduce their plastic and switch to models of reuse and refill.

Who are the top plastic polluters?

The 2023 Brand Audit found that the Dirty Dozen were responsible for a massive 70% of all branded plastic pollution recorded. 

Read our Brand Audit Report

Take part in a Brand Audit

Do you want to be a citizen scientist and hold plastic polluters to account? Then take part in our Brand Audit and help fuel our plastic campaigns.
Either register your up coming clean or submit the results of your findings from a completed clean.

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