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My wife Di and I genuinely love our coastline and we get a great deal of happiness surfing with friends around the country. SAS are the organisation that I trust totally to understand the issues facing our seas and do something about it. SAS connects with us, they’re a group of surfers and enthusiasts much like us supporters. Their energy and effectiveness makes us want to continue supporting them in all good things they do. By being members, we can help SAS to continue the great work.

— Pete Boddy, Lancashire

The coast is where I go to feel free. There’s something about the endless possibility of looking out towards the horizon which fills me with hope and optimism. Mawgan Porth is the place I visit every year and where I feel part of me remains. SAS get important issues noticed and brings them in front of the decision makers of our country, which means things change. SAS people are movers and shakers. We are creative, we are innovators and when we say we want change we find a way to make it happen!

— Jess Welsh, Hampshire

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I believe passionately in clean seas to bathe and have fun in and I want to protect marine life, that’s why I’m a member of SAS. They make an impact on the huge expanses of Cornish beaches that I love by petitioning government and alerting the general public to the amount of litter and rubbish in the sea. I’m particularly interested in the campaign to bring in a deposit return system for plastic bottles and the beach cleans are great! It’s a local charity and I always feel involved in the activities of the organisation!

— Marilyn Colquhoun, Devon

I would often get ear infections from the water and sitting on my board watching sewage float by was never a nice experience so I joined SAS in the 90s. I believed in their vision and wanted to support a cause that was looking out for me and my playground.
They always seem to approach very serious subjects in a way that gets people engaged and motivated to want to make change. It’s easy to relate to as I knew their motivations are the same as mine. We just want our home beaches to be clean.

— Nick Crane, Wales

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