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We’re creating the next generation of Ocean Activists.

We’re inspiring and empowering young people everywhere to join our ever-growing network of Ocean Activists. Every voice counts in the fight for a thriving ocean, thriving people. 

Our education programmes are designed to kickstart Ocean Activism in young people, and link to our campaign goals around plastic pollution, water quality, ocean recovery and the climate emergency.

How do I get involved?

Plastic Free Schools

Plastic Free Schools is a power-waking, change-making pupil-led education programme which teaches young people the value of their voice in the fight against single-use plastic. By giving pupils the tools and confidence to challenge, question and act, we’re creating tomorrow’s force of fired-up campaigners who know they can make a difference.

With free resources for all ages and a connected community of signed up schools we’ve grown into a nationwide movement with one, simple goal. To eradicate single-use plastic from our environment and to empower young people to lead the charge.

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Ocean School

Let’s create a new class of activist: young people with a higher level of knowledge, energy, and respect for the ocean. Whether you’re 60 seconds from the sea or six hours away, Ocean School helps young people feel more connected to the coast, understand critical ocean issues, and learn how to take action.

Teaching a class? Going to the beach with family and friends? Helping your local youth club show their devotion to the ocean? You’ll find everything you need to run an Ocean School here.

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