We regularly get asked the same questions at Surfers Against Sewage. Here are some of the most common ones – but of course, feel free to drop us a line if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for.

Surfers Against Sewage started 30 years ago as a group of surfers fighting back to clean up the sea so we could stop getting sick. As we campaigned we started getting wiser about the full scope of pollution, waste, destruction and rising temperatures damaging the ocean that so many of us love and that we all rely on.

A lot has changed in the three decades since Surfers Against Sewage was formed. But we’re still a group of water lovers, fighting back to clean up the sea. It’s just now there are more of us, with more corners to fight. Today we are more than surfers. It’s about more than sewage. We’re here because of the ocean. Let’s fight for it.

You’ll find your membership number in the top right hand corner of your welcome letter and any subsequent letters you receive from us.

Due to time and resource limitations we are unable to help with any school or university projects. However, feel free to use the scientific reports or any other materials on our website to inform your work.

We recruit new SAS Reps in specific phases to manage and structure the initiative effectively. If you’re interested in becoming an SAS Rep, read more about the process and find out how it works.

Search for your local chapter and regional reps here.

If you spot a pollution incident of any type affecting your local beach or river, please report it. You can find out details of how to do this here.

If you’ve become ill after time in the sea or in a river, reporting it is vital. It will help us build the strongest case possible for safer, cleaner waterways. Submit a health report to share your symptoms and experience with us.

To find out more about volunteering get in touch on [email protected] / 01872 553001.

With so many beaches, riverbanks and waterways in the UK we can’t always visit everywhere we’re asked to go to. However if you get in touch with your local Rep you can find out about any cleans they are planning in your area in the future. Alternatively, you could organise your own clean.

We’re invited to a lot of events and aren’t able to attend them all. However, if the team from SAS HQ can’t make it, we’ll endeavour to send one of our Reps along.

Call us on 01872553001 or email [email protected], providing all the details of what you’re looking for, and by when, and we’ll do our best to help.

Our fundraising team will be happy to help. Please email [email protected] or call 01872552001.

We aim to organise education/school talks in specific regional groupings or tours two to three times a year. Each tour will cover up to ten schools in a region. Alternatively, you could speak to your local Rep about whether they might be able to visit your school or group.

You can find copies of all our policies here.

Yes – download a copy of our public liability insurance or contact us if you have any specific questions.

SAS is a registered charity in England and Wales, no. 1145877. You can find out more on the Charity Commission website.

Due to the change in licensing laws, the SAS Ball is no longer economically viable. This is reviewed regularly and there may be exceptional years when we choose to organise the Ball, such as significant anniversaries. As an environmental charity with an increasingly broad remit, it is also important that we focus on our core mission rather than allocate staff time to organise this event.

As a small environmental charity with limited resources we can’t offer any financial support or assistance to individuals, events or other organisations.

If you have a product through which you’d like to support us, contact Head of Fundraising Pete Lewis, on [email protected], to discuss the use of the logo and any other necessary background information. All relationships of this type require an official SAS agreement, setting out the parameters of the support.

The SAS logo cannot be used without prior permission. Permission will be granted once the agreed benefits for SAS, including any financial contribution, are established and the environmental standards of the product are ascertained.

Of course! Contact our Head of Fundraising Pete Lewis on [email protected] to tell us more and so we can discuss a sponsorship that’s right for you.