Rockpool Ramble

In this rockpool ramble, you're going to explore the rockpools on the beach, see who lives there, and figure out how their homes might be affected by rubbish and pollution.

  • duration icon 20mins
  • age icon All ages
  • activity icon Outdoors

It’s a little blue zoo.

Rockpools are home to thousands of organisms and ocean critters. And they all depend on the tide flowing in and out every day, bringing fresh food and new companions. Remember to keep your distance. You can look, gaze, peek and stare, but let’s not touch, poke, yank or twiddle.

Rockpool Ramble is an Explore activity, all about getting active and investigating critical issues. For a full Ocean School journey, we’d recommend doing a Connect exercise first, to help you feel closer to the sea and get things off to a chilled start. And then once you’ve done the Explore task, finishing with a Protect activity to put everything you’ve learned into action.

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