Ocean School

"People protect what they love, but love only what they know" - Jacques Cousteau


By combining pupil-led exploration with authentic educators and environmental protection, Ocean School deepens young peoples’ connection with our ocean environments; creating opportunities to protect them in their own unique ways!

Each Summer term, we deliver Ocean School at a selection of beaches across Wales, England and new to 2021, the Isle of Wight. We have room for 40 schools and 1200 students to visit each year. so drop us a line at education@sas.org.uk to be considered for 2021.

Read on to learn more about Ocean School and maybe take a few ‘ocean activist’ ideas to the beach with you this summer!


Provides pupils of all ages with the opportunity to explore, investigate, protect and ENJOY their beaches. Empowering them to recognise and react to the threats that face OUR ocean in their own way.

From interactive biology in the coastal habitats and mini-ecosystems (presented in wonderful 3D in rock pools and strandlines) to the simple, yet vital citizenship lessons in hard work and collective action that a volunteer beach clean provides, our beaches are literally the greatest classroom on earth.


Our beaches provide a multitude of wonderful, real-life lessons that can be reflected and connected to the national curriculum.

Ocean School has been designed to link to key curriculum subjects for KS1 – 3. The opportunity to link the Ocean School experience with the classroom objectives of mainstream education is powerful.Venn Diagram


“I can’t express how impressed I was with the whole organisation, resources and effort you all put in! You were fab at reading the children’s needs and made the session work around them. We all had a great time and learnt a lot!

Your teachers pack is great to use and I am using it to plan lessons to deepen and embed the children’s learning from the session”- Emeline Goodall, Teacher, Veryan School

Ocean School Ogmore


From the moment students arrive, whip their shoes and socks off and dig their toes in the sand, to their graduation as official ‘Ocean Activists’, the primary aim of Ocean School is to help pupils realise that they have the power and the potential to create great change, in their own way!

The following ‘chapters’, tell the story of an Ocean School session.


This is our ocean!

WELCOME TO OCEAN SCHOOL Shoes and socks off, trousers rolled up. First things first, it’s time to feel the sand and sea between our toes as students explore their ‘ocean classroom’

PUPIL POWER PRESENTATION Engage, Enrage, EMPOWER! From plastic pollution to climate emergency, we discuss why Ocean School is so important and challenge students to ensure they have the evidence, information and inspiration they’ll need to be effective Ocean Activists!


The power of Citizen Science!

BEACH CLEAN Hands on action. Time to tackle the problem first hand. Kitted out with beach clean gloves and buckets students will work together to collect as much plastic pollution (AKA evidence!) as they can.

OCEAN PLASTIC SURVEYING Understanding and evidencing the problem! Students enter our Ocean  Lab where they will work in research teams to categorise, analyse and report on the types and amounts of ocean plastic pollution that they find.Beach Clean Box


Exploring our habitats and ecosystems!

HABITAT ADVENTURE Recognising human impact on marine habitats. From rock pools to rivers, we head out on an adventure where students will connect what we’ve learnt about the threats to the health of our oceans with the plants and animals that have made this dynamic environment their home.Magnifying glass



VOICE OF THE OCEAN – Students now work together to create their own ocean protection protest artworks. Expressing facts, feelings and ocean protection messages. Using their artworks as a visual aid, students will be ‘given the floor’ to express their feelings, findings and ideas for change in their own way.

OCEAN PROTECTORS GRADUATION –We never ask a student to take an action that doesn’t have a purpose, so  we need to capture all their ocean protection evidence. Then it’s time to celebrate with a noisy ‘Ocean Activist’ graduation ceremony!




Each Ocean School ‘chapter’, is linked to an individual learning objective that scaffolds the learning journey for delivery. The objectives are suitable and adaptable for Key Stages 1-3 and have been linked to the National Curriculum (from English to Citizenship and DT to the Expressive Arts), should you wish to use them to further link Ocean School with a specific school project.

“If education is to save us, it has to be education of a different kind”Satish Kumar


At the end of every Ocean School session, pupils are ‘given the floor’ to express their feelings, share facts they’ve learnt, and discuss their own post Ocean School project plans!

Young people continue to blow us away with their enthusiasm, creativity and passion to protect what’s rightfully theirs; a healthy, abundant blue planet. Ocean School will equip the next generation with the tools to start their own journeys in becoming ocean activists, helping us to achieve thriving oceans; thriving people.

Voices of the Ocean!

I love the ocean and ocean school and sleeping! Save the turtlus!

— Ogmore by Sea participant

Save the fish, from Lucie xxx

— Lucie at Ogmore by Sea

Determined. Happy. Proud. Hopeful. Sad. Horrified.

— Ogmore by Sea participant

S.A.S save a sea animal

— Ogmore by Sea participant

Caru y mor!

— Ogmore by Sea participant

thank you so much you aspird [inspired] my life

— Studland Bay participant


— Studland Bay participant

Jimmy the Jellyfish for life!

— Studland Bay participant

rebel until adults listen

— Studland Bay participant

excited that we are helping save animals from extinction

— Studland Bay participant

Lillie was here doing a beach clean

— Lillie, Studland Bay


— Studland Bay participant

I care, why don’t you?

— Studland Bay participant


If you’d like to find out more about Ocean School, or any other educational programmes we offer, drop us an email at education@sas.org.uk