Ocean School


Young people with a higher level of knowledge, energy and respect for the ocean.

With sand between your toes and Ocean School activities at hand, you can feel more connected to the coast, understand critical issues, and learn how to take action. So whether you’re teaching a class, going to the beach with family and friends, or helping your local youth club show their devotion to the ocean – you’ll find everything you need here.

Why put on an Ocean School?

Ocean School activities are a fun way to take action for the ocean. We want young people to feel closer to the areas they love and learn how they can protect and improve them.

Ocean School doesn’t just educate young people about critical marine issues. It gives them fun ways to see, hear and collect the evidence for themselves. Showing how even the smallest activist can make a huge difference, no matter where they live.

How to put on an Ocean School

Ocean School can happen anywhere, anytime. All you need are some eager young minds and your choice of fun activities.

Step 1 - Choose your activities

Step 2 - Follow the instructions

Step 3 - Become an Ocean Activist!


Dive into our immersive 360 Digital Experience

Not near the sea? No worries. With this Digital Experience you can connect with the coast no matter where you are.

Ocean School Digital Experience

Download the full Beach Trip Programme 

Heading to the sea? Download this full programme of beach-based activities and gain the full Ocean School experience.

Beach Trip Programme

Beach Trip Programme (Welsh)

Create your own programme

Mix and match the Connect – Explore – Protect activities below to put together your own Ocean School. We’d recommend having activities from all three areas, so you can feel connected to the coast, explore important issues and learn to protect the ocean.


Touch the sand. Hear the gulls. Guess the tide. Connect activities are about relaxing and feeling emotions for the ocean.

Choose your Connect resource here


Get your teeth into the food chain and go lootin’ for some pollutin’. Explore tasks are about first-hand investigation.

Choose your Explore resource here


Make a sign. Make a noise. Make a scene. Whatever you do, make it count. Protect activities help you turn info into influence.

Choose your Protect resource here

Check out our Glossary to get the lingo.


Get in Touch

Need more information? Contact our Ocean School know-it-alls at

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