Be The Change North West

Six North West Schools take action on litter!

In March 2018 Be The Change UK reached the cities of Liverpool and Preston for a week of positive Anti-Litter Action. 

A week in review


  • Over 1800 pupils reached through assemblies and class workshops
  • 12 interactive class workshops
  • 12 ‘Trash Mob’ school litter investigations took place removing over 40KG of litter!
  • 6 schools to enter the inaugural Be The Change North East Awards
  • £250 to be awarded to the winning school


Be The Change North West Awards

Every school we visited had the opportunity to enter their litter solution projects into the Be The Change North East Awards for the chance of winning a £250 grant to implement make their idea a reality. Take a look to find out who won!

Be The Change North West Winners! St Columbas School - Year 4


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Well done St Columbas school, year 4. you are the winners of the be the change north west awards!

 Score: 293 out of a possible 400

Download the St Columbas School entry here: Year 4 – St Columbus – BTC Liv

Team Name: Cash Trash!

Anti-Litter Action Plan: The Year 4 pupils at St Columbas School have approached this challenge from many different angles giving their Anti-Litter Action Plan a well rounded approach. First the pupils have worked on raising awareness of the issue through a series of informative and eye catching posters. Secondly pupils wrote to their local MP to ask them to make implement small positive changes in their decision making. Finally came the invention, ‘Cash Trash’ – “Many people need a reward or incentive to recycle or throw away their litter. We came up with the idea of people earning points or money for their contribution to making a change to their local environment.”


Judges Feedback

Awesome! Love the upstream thinking, amazing letters and positive attitude. It seems like the classes were really engaged. Harry Dennis, Surfers Against Sewage Projects Officer

Wonderful idea, delivered with a lot of passion. You’ve clearly worked hard to understand the issue. Jess North, Surfers Against Sewage Deputy Head of Fundraising & Communications 

Entry #1: Be The Change North East: St Columbas School (Year 3)

Entry #1: St Columbus School (year 3)

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Entry #2: Holy Catholic Primary School

Anti-Litter Action Plan: Dojo bins! At Holy Catholic Primary School pupils receive Dojo’s for good behaviour, this Dojo bin would reward the user with not only a dojo but flashing “Thank You” signs and a beautifully decorated walkway to entice you into putting your litter in the bin.

Anti-Litter Action Plan: The pupils who designed Jimmy love to run! So they decided what better way to encourage people to put their litter in the bin than a bin that you have to chase around the playground!

Anti-Litter Action Plan: “A group of children have formed an anti litter team in school and (twice) daily ensure school is clear of litter. They have, with the teachers, formulated an action plan and designed t shirts to promote the positive ethos of the campaign. We have sent groups into the local area in conjunction with Merseyside police and Everton Football Club, ensuring that there is less environmental impact on busy match days. We have also been working closely with local businesses such as Asda and Greggs to educate our pupils on their environmental impact and discuss ideas as to how businesses can reduce their own waste. We have also taken part in the ‘tree for every child’ campaign in our local park, during this scheme the children planted a few hundred trees in partnership with the organisation ‘Friends of Walton Hall Park’. This scheme was then featured in local press and on national radio, with the overall aim being to plant as many trees as school children in Liverpool. “