Be The Change

There is a litter disaster in your community, and you can do something about it!

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Litter is on the increase, on our streets, in our countryside and in our seas.

What’s more, current solutions to solve the problem aren’t working. Be The Change encourages students to recognise that they have a leading role to play in tackling the litter crisis, while inspiring and empowering them to create and deliver new solutions to protect the places they love.

‘Be The Change’ has been created in collaboration with education experts and designers to compliment KS2-4 curriculum requirements in a fresh and engaging way. The programme has been developed in line with the Transition Project ethos.

What happens at a Be The Change Workshop?


  • Step One – Be The Change, are you with us!? A rallying cry for students and teachers across our island nation to show and share their love for spending time in outdoor spaces and working together to protect them
  • Step Two – A litter Disaster, of land and sea. A disaster so great we need your help to tackle it. This is our chance to illustrate the scale of the litter disaster our streets, parks, beaches and towns face. We will discover what this means for us, our environment and wildlife before empowering each other to make a change!
  • Step Three – TRASH MOB!!!! More commonly known as an investigation, a trash mob is a fun and effective way for us pinpoint where litter is a problem in our school or community.
  • Step Four – Positive Action. Armed with facts and evidence it’s time for pupils to take matters into their own hands. Together we begin to create ‘Anti-Litter Action Plans’ that can be implemented in their school or community.

Where is Be The Change heading next?

Be The Change Liverpool Tour

With Newcastle and Bristol ticked off the list the next stop for our anti-litter education programme is Liverpool. In collaboration with our friends at the Greggs Foundation we are delighted to be taking Be The Change on tour once again to challenge students to take a leading role in keeping their communities litter free.

The tour will reach Liverpool on 12th March. To register your interest in future Be The Change education tours please contact our Education Officer Ellie on

Be The Change Awards


Be The Change Award

Be The Change is not just a school talk, It is an award scheme too!

We challenge every school we visit to create an ‘Anti-Litter Action Plan’ to implement in their school or local community.

Watch our latest online Be The Change awards ceremony here.

After our visit we would like to invite pupils to enter the Be The Change awards. The awards will give students the opportunity to showcase their ‘Anti-Litter Action Plans’ and potentially win the £250 grant to implement their idea in your school / community.

Anti – Litter Action Success

Introducing  RA Butler Junior School, winners of the 2016 Be The Change Essex Awards – proudly showcasing their brand new ‘House Bins’.

Year 5 teacher Liz Cobbold said “The bins have been a huge success and the children are very competitive to fill theirs up for their house team. As you can see we could buy lots of sets of  ‘House bins’ and no excuses to leave any litter around our school!”


I liked the part in the conversations where we found out about the damage done to the environment by litter – I think it will stop most of us dropping litter.

— Callum, Age 10, Great Torrington Bluecoat Primary School

Great presentation with a really important message. Lots of opportunity for the children to interact, this is key when working with primary children. Great campaign we look forward to working with SAS again in the future.

— Louise Tremewan, Marazion School

A fantastic, informative afternoon, the children really enjoyed the talk and it was great that it was so interactive.

— Emma Spence, Grade ruan CofE School

The speakers left the children with a passion to make a change, Thank You.

— Helen Law, Connor Downs Academy

Thank you again for a fantastic workshop, the children may have been very creative, but it was definitely thanks to your inspiration.

— Andrew Mills – Smiths Wood Primary School