Our reports and resources

From campaigning reports to educational resources, browse through all our Ocean Activist documents here

Pupil Protest

Make a difference and make it loud. Turn up the volume on the Voice of the Ocean activity by turning interesting information into an in-your-face protest.

Sunset Session

Finish Ocean School feeling as relaxed as when you started. This final mindfulness moment is all about reconnecting to the ocean and reflecting on what you've learned and experienced.

Voice of the Ocean

If the ocean could speak, what would it say? Using everything you’ve learnt, seen, found and felt, you’re going to do something big and brave to make a noise for the ocean. What will you do?

Ocean Activist Graduation

You’ve become more connected to the ocean. You’ve explored and investigated important marine issues. You know how to help protect our coastal environments. And now you can get the certificate to prove it.