Call on your MP to Pledge to Protect the Ocean

With a new batch of MPs, now is our time to build a generation of people in power who will protect the ocean.

In just a few clicks, you can help build the movement. It's time for a public inquiry on the sewage scandal and the reprioritisation of tackling plastic pollution.

We need a Public Inquiry to Transform the Water Sector and End Sewage Pollution

In 2023 there were  604,833 discharges of raw sewage across the UK.

Our water system is clearly broken.

The End Sewage Pollution Coalition including Surfers Against Sewage  have therefore united to call for an immediate public inquiry to deliver transformational reform of the water system and set the country on a trajectory to end sewage pollution.

As well as pledging to protect the Ocean we are asking MPs to support this call for a Public Inquiry.

You can find more information about why we want a public inquiry and what we need it to achieve here.