Surfers Complete Successful Cleaner Coastal Catchment Mission

A team of SAS volunteer Regional Reps visited local businesses in and around Ilfracombe on the 26th & 27th February, delivering free Cleaner Coastal Catchment resources to help rescue the failing water quality at Wildersmouth. The team visited 216 local businesses over two days, handing out 7,000 Cleaner Coastal Catchment community action packs.

To kick-start this community activity SAS were joined by Ilfracombe Mayor, Mr George Squires, to present a Cleaner Coastal Catchment information board packed full of free resources to the Landmark Theatre. A second board was presented to the Ilfracombe Centre, Ilfracombe Councils One Stop Shop. Anyone wanting to support the Cleaner Coastal Catchment initiative can collect their free resource from either of these information boards.

The reaction from Ilfracombe businesses and community members was fantastic and, as a result there are positive Cleaner Coastal Catchment messages displayed prominently across Ilfracombe.

The initiative, supported by the Environment Agency, focuses on both Porth (Cornwall) and Ilfracombe (North Devon) because these beaches are struggling to meet minimum water quality standards, with Ilfracombe Wildersmouth currently failing. The Cleaner Coastal Catchment community action packs help to guide local businesses, local authorities, the water company and the community towards simple solutions that help improve water quality at Wildersmouth.