Join the #EndSewagePollution Protests. 23rd April.


This year, industry and government must put their words into action and deliver on their commitments to tackle sewage pollution. And it’s up to us to keep the pressure on.

We are joining forces with end sewage pollution campaigners across the country to bring together the energy, anger and momentum from the last thirty years for a National Day of Action on Water Quality. 11 protests across the UK. Each targeting one water company: from Scottish Water, to Northern Ireland to South West Water. Thousands of people across the UK demanding action. Now.

The spotlight is on water companies. It’s time to #EndSewagePollution.  So, grab your wetsuits, surfboards, placards and megaphones and find your regional protest here:

Why is it important?

The UK’s rivers and seas are in a critical state. Sewage pollution is being poured into our blues spaces at an alarming rate and water companies are getting away with it. In 2020 alone, sewage was released into the environment over 400,000 times equating to 3.1 million hours of discharge. It’s no surprise the UK is ranked last in Europe for bathing water quality. And only 14% of UK rivers currently meet ‘good ecological status’ with none passing chemical tests. This has gone far enough.

We’ve called on government to address this sewage scandal. We’ve reported the health risks this pollution puts on all water users. We’ve exposed the regulators and testing regime for ignoring the truth. Now we need to take our message to #EndSewagePollution straight to the doors of water company HQs.

What are we calling for?

We are calling for an end to sewage pollution into UK bathing waters by 2030. We want:

1. Stronger and bolder targets to end untreated sewage discharge

2. An enhanced testing regime which shows a true picture of the UKs water quality in real time

3. Nature restoration to reduce pressure & minimise impacts on sewage infrastructure

3. Increased investment from industry in infrastructure to prevent destructive practices

We want show water companies and the government that we are a unified movement that will not stand for this environmental destruction any longer.

Join us on 23rd April for the biggest day of water quality action we have ever seen. You don’t want to miss this.