It’s Now or Never

It's our biggest fundraising appeal yet!

Right now, we have a window of opportunity, like never before, to end sewage pollution for good. This is what our CEO, Giles, has to say:

2024 will be truly epic with a General Election on the cards, the submission of the water companies’ five-year investment plans, and public anger about the state of our rivers, lakes and seas.  This is our moment.  This movement for significant change. Now is the opportunity to speak directly to those in power, or seeking to be in power, and demand systemic change that will clean up our oceans and rivers for good.

But it’s going to take absolutely everything we’ve got. That’s why we are launching our biggest ever appeal to help fund this crucial work.

We have been so fortunate to have secured a massive £100,000 in match funding from the Big Give’s Green Match Fund and our Trust and Foundation supporters. Meaning that if we can raise £100,000 in public donations, it will be immediately doubled to £200,000!

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Through the Now or Never Appeal, we can empower communities with the tools they need to engage with their local candidates, mobilise more people across the nation so our demands for sewage free seas and rivers cannot be ignored, power-up our protests and make sure that saving our seas is top of the agenda this election.

If you donate to the Now or Never appeal between the 18th-25th of April your donation will be immediately doubled. So if you can donate £10, that will become £20. If you can donate £50, that will become £100! This is your chance to double your impact at no extra cost to you!

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We have a MASSIVE opportunity together to turn our anger into real and long-lasting change and to show a new government that cleaning up our seas and rivers for good isn’t a maybe, but a must.

With your help, we’ll continue to take the fight for the ocean from the beachfront to the frontbench. We need this to be our biggest ever fight to save our oceans, a chance for us to pull together our outrage and turn it into change.

It’s Now or Never!

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