Ending profit from plastic pollution

The world is currently on track to double the volume of plastic produced annually by 2040. With every piece of plastic produced, more inevitably leaks into the environment, no matter how hard we try to plug the gaps. To end plastic pollution we must halt the production of plastic, at its source.

To end plastic pollution we must halt the production of plastic, at its source. That means cutting the unnecessary single use plastic we see in everyday life that’s responsible for a large proportion of the plastics we see today. Cutting unnecessary single use plastic, will stop the stream of plastic we consume from leaking through the cracks and collecting in the ocean.

This month, we’re celebrating Plastic Free July. Plastic Free July is an opportunity for communities to shine a light on the plastics issue, proving there is an end to overuse of plastics in our everyday lives. Participating in Plastic Free July through campaigns such as Mass Unwraps, and the Brand Audit, is a simple way to live the example we want the world to take forward.

But it should not just be placed on us, the consumers to end this unsustainable model of consumption and waste.

We are calling on the producers of virgin plastic and plastic products to cut the unnecessary plastic they produce. But we know its currently incredibly profitable and they won’t make that shift without pressure from communities like those getting involved this Plastic Free July. We also need restrictions from the people in power, ending the profiting from pollution they currently get away with.

That is why we are calling for the UK Government to join us in their approach to reducing plastic, away from the of banning individual single use items towards delivering a joined up approach to plastic. By joined up, we mean tackling the whole issue from the source, rather than just banning single pieces of plastic. Luckily, the UK government have agreed to this by signing up to a Global Plastics Treaty, which aims to End Plastic Pollution. But without cutting plastic production, we won’t achieve these essential aims.

That is why we’re calling for the government to deliver promises for schemes such as Extended Producer Responsibility that force producers to be responsible for products until the end of their life. Shifting the responsibility up the chain, to put the onus on producers, not consumers, to pay the price for plastic pollution. Big businesses shouldn’t be able to reap the rewards for environmental vandalism.

Despite promising moves from the government with plans to deliver this later in the year, they have now delayed the plans for at least two years, following pressure from big business. This means producers of plastic can continue to pollute without thought or pressure on their pockets for another two years. The ocean cannot afford another delay.

That is why we are calling on the government to deliver on these promises. Something they won’t do without us kicking up a fuss. And that is what our Mass Unwraps are all about. To take part in a mass unwrap, contact your local Plastic Free Community to get involved. Or why not put one on yourself? It is only through public pressure that we will see an end to the plastic flooding into our lives and ocean on a daily basis.