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The voice of the ocean in Westminster






Surfers Against Sewage’s Ocean Conservation All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) is a powerful and unique platform to bring together cross-sectorial stakeholders including environmental charities, NGOs, health experts, businesses and community leaders to evidence and discuss the need for policy drivers and legislative change to better protect the marine environment.

It brings together a broad (cross-party) coalition of MPs who share an interest in marine conservation issues and often, but not exclusively, represent important coastal communities around the UK. Steve Double MP (Member of Parliament for Newquay & St Austell) is currently the chair of the Ocean Conservation APPG, leading engagement with MPs, ministers and the government in relation to threats to the UK’s marine habitats and the best ways to protect and promote these increasingly important areas. Surfers Against Sewage acts as the secretariat for the group, briefing and informing its members, setting the agenda for each meeting and detailing the group’s three year strategy.

Since the groups inception in 2014 (formerly known as the Protect Our Waves APPG), which consisted of an initial group of 23 MPs and the official delivery of our 55,000 signature strong Protect Our Waves petition, the group has brought together over 80 MP’s and become the authentic voice of the ocean in Westminster.

The Ocean Conservation Register

Growing the voice of the ocean in Westminster – as part of our work through the APPG, Surfers Against Sewage published the Ocean Conservation Register, a first of its kind report commissioned to facilitate dialogue between Parliament and those working in the ocean sector. The Register outlines key marine conservation issues and the interest of elected members in these subjects, based on MPs’ work since the 2017 general election. It serves as a guide to the 430 MPs who have expressed an interest in these issues, identified through their contributions to debates, support for Early Day Motions and external campaigns, as well as comments in the media.


We have also developed and delivered the Plastic Free Parliament campaign, directly connecting supporters with their local MPs to call for policy change on the Westminster Estate in relation to the use of single-use plastics. This successful campaign mobilised thousands of individuals to write to their MP.


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  • The Ocean Conservation Register

    The Register outlines key marine conservation issues and the interest of MPs in them based on MPs’ work since the 2017 general election.


It’s great to get so many inspirational charities and groups together in Parliament to see just how far we have come in our fight against plastic pollution of our seas

— Steve Double MP

It is time for Parliament to not only get its own house in order, but take a lead on ambitious action to end its use of throwaway plastic

— Kerry McCarthy MP

Surfers Against Sewage volunteers represent a grassroots, unstoppable people movement determined to rid our coast of plastic waste

— Michael Gove MP