Protect Our Waves

Ocean waves are part of our complex marine environment. If we protect our surf habitats we protect the marine environment for everyone.

Protect our Waves

Surfing waves play a vital role in coastal processes, marine habitats and health and wellbeing.

Together we can ensure that surf habitats are well understood and protected for the future.

Together we can protect our waves

Plastic Pollution


Many of our supporters love to ride and play in waves. Our members are often passionate about their local surf spots and can play a vital role in their protection.

We can turn this passion into practical action and a network of ocean guardians dedicated to safeguarding and improving our natural coastal heritage.

Surf Activists

We have developed a community toolkit to help surfers protect the beaches and waves that drive our passion. We can all be Surf Activists in our quest to preserve and improve the places we live, surf and love. If your local beach is under threat this toolkit will help you take action.

Visit the Surf Activists website

Plastic Pollution


Some changes need to happen at a national level to protect sites of special surfing interest. We’re lobbying government and industry to take action.

Waves Are Resources Report

We have developed a report to highlight the value of waves and surf spots, and why they play a crucial role for our marine environment and wellbeing of our coastal communities. You can learn more about where waves come from, why they break in certain places and why they are so precious.

Read the report

All Party Parliamentary Group

Our Protect Our Waves All Party Parliamentary Group puts protecting oceans, waves and beaches at the heart of Westminster. It is our collective voice to call for stronger government policy and legislation to protect our waves.

Read about the APPG

Protect Our Waves Petition

In 2013, we were joined by over 55,000 supporters who signed our petition calling for more action to protect our coastline from development, plastic pollution and sewage. We took this to 10 Downing Street in what was one of our biggest community campaigns ever.

See the petition microsite

Plastic Pollution


We’re working with NGOs & charities across the world to build a global movement.

Global Wave Conference

We were proud to host the Global Wave Conference in Cornwall in 2015 bringing together a global community of activists, scientists, athletes and NGOs fighting to protect coastal heritage. We’d like to invite you to watch the amazing presentations from the event.

Visit the global wave conference site

Protect what you love

Join fellow surfers, beach lovers and families who share your passion for protecting our coastlines from the scourge of plastic pollution.

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The story so far...

We launched the Protect Our Waves petition in 2012 to highlight the need to give surfing communities a stronger voice in protecting local surf spots from developers, sewage pollution and increasing levels of litter.

Society has long understood the need to protect our forests, rivers and mountains, but we saw that our natural surfing heritage was not afforded the same recognition.

What is it that creates the uniqueness of many surf spots and how do we protect it?

Firstly we wanted to generate greater awareness of the issue and then identify what measures could be put in place to help us better protect our beaches and everyone that uses them for any water activity, not just surfing.

Our overarching goal was to create political engagement which we succeeded in doing through the Protect Our Waves petition and, as a result, the formation of our All Party Parliamentary Group. This was thanks to the voice of 55,000 supporters taking a stand with us.