Campaign for the ocean

For the ocean to thrive, and life on earth to thrive too, we need to act now.

Plastic. Chemicals. Human waste. Irresponsible production. Destructive industries. Profiteering pollution.

Anyone harming the ocean is in our sights. And they won’t get away with it. Take campaign action with us today.


Our campaign to #EndSewagePollution

We've been leading the fight to improve UK water quality for more than 30 years. It's the issue at the heart of our mission and we won't stop until we #EndSewagePollution

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Surfers Against Sewage is a campaigning charity. But what does that mean?

Campaigning is fighting back against something together to make an impact. Voices, hands, hearts, energy, all working for a common cause.

Sometimes it means getting tough on those in positions of power, protesting against policies, or demanding action in the face of dithering.

We confront the issues head on, wherever we need to, from the beachfront to the front benches and everywhere in between. But that’s only made possible by the groundswell of people power in communities countrywide; Ocean Activists everywhere, taking actions every day to make a difference.

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Thank you Ocean Activist, Thank you, Sea

Watch our love letter to the ocean. Made with 100% recycled footage.

What are we calling for?

We campaign for a clean ocean, rivers and lakes for wildlife and people. We demand an end to sewage discharge into UK bathing waters by 2030.

How we improve water quality

We campaign to turn back the plastic tide choking the ocean. We demand an end to plastic pollution on UK beaches by 2030.

How we tackle plastic pollution

We campaign to protect and restore the ocean wilderness. We demand high protection status for 30% of the ocean and all UK Marine Protected Areas by 2030.

How we drive ocean recovery

We campaign to stop the destructive global heating threatening all life in and above the ocean. We demand that the UK achieves net zero, including the adoption of ocean-based solutions, by 2030.

How we confront the ocean and climate emergency

Ocean Activists get shit done

Together, we’ve moved mountains. Including:

  • 6 billion

    plastic bags prevented from damaging marine environments (but plastic pollution still needs fighting)

  • Number one

    our beach clean volunteer community is the largest in the UK

  • 44,691

    Ocean Activists signed our petition to #EndSewagePollution

  • 98.5%

    of England's bathing waters that passed the Bathing Water Directive's minimum standards in 2016, up from 27% in 1990 (but so much more can be done)