Ocean Activism

At Surfers Against Sewage our vision is clear. A world where the ocean thrives, so people can too.

To make that happen we need to work together. Which is where Ocean Activists come in…

Change can’t happen without people power. As a campaigning organisation, we know that building a passionate community of ocean lovers, who are willing to take a stand in whatever way they can, is key to turning the tide. 

We come to people where they are and connect with them on the issues that matter. The waterways in their local communities, the plastic in their outdoor spaces, the challenges they are up against because of the climate crisis. We are honest and open about the threats our planet faces, but we also show that there are things we can all do to help make change happen.

It’s this groundswell of actions, taken over and over again, that makes our Ocean Activists so valued and vital. Together we know we make a difference. We’ve seen it happen.

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Where are we?

Everywhere. But for us, everywhere isn’t just about geography. From Cornwall to London, from Birmingham to the outer Hebrides, it’s not only about the places people live, but the worlds in which they operate, and can have an impact. It’s schools. Businesses. Universities. Clubs. Factories. Boardrooms. Parliaments. Armchairs. Desktops. Beaches. Rivers. Pavements. Fells. It’s spheres of influence on a micro and macro level. 

Our Ocean Activists are school kids and policy makers. Surfing students and working parents. City lovers and country dwellers, and everyone in between. You can read our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion statement here.

Together we are making everywhere count.

Am I an Ocean Activist?

Whatever your connection with the ocean, if you are dissatisfied with the way things are, if you care about the ocean and its plight, and if you want to do your bit to change things, then you can be an Ocean Activist.

From signing petitions and taking part in cleans, to emailing your MP to demand action, and protesting against water companies, there are all sorts of ways you can be an Ocean Activist. And the more you do, the more of a difference you’ll make.

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Join the cause and reap the rewards. Regular events, newsletters, a welcome pack, and the knowledge you are doing your bit to help the ocean and people thrive.

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Specific concerns?

Plastic pollution. Water quality. Ocean recovery. The ocean and climate emergency. If there’s an individual issue that leaves you feeling helpless, never fear. We’re here to make sure your voice – and the voices of thousands of Ocean Activists like you – is heard.

Take part in a Clean

Fresh air. Community spirit. A tangible difference to your local outdoor space. Whether it’s shoreline, riverbank, mountaintop or anywhere in between, cleaning counts.

The Million Mile Clean

Help us #EndSewagePollution

The #EndSewagePollutionCampaign has had a huge impact on the recent Environment Act and has forced the Government and water companies to take action.

Our water quality campaigns

Ocean Activists get shit done

Together, we've moved mountains. Including:

  • 6 billion

    plastic bags prevented from damaging marine environments (but plastic pollution still needs fighting)

  • Number one

    our beach clean volunteer community is the largest in the UK

  • 44,691

    Ocean Activists signed our petition to #EndSewagePollution

  • 98.5%

    of England's bathing waters that passed the Bathing Water Directive's minimum standards in 2016, up from 27% in 1990 (but so much more can be done)

Each of your actions may only take a few minutes or hours. But the impact will be seen and heard far and wide. It’s through people power that we can make change happen. Through the actions of Ocean Activists everywhere who are willing to act over and over again to see the difference their energy, enthusiasm and voice makes.

Thank you!