Gift Aid

Firstly, thank you.

With any donation you make, you are driving industry shifting campaigns, beach clean-ups and so much more.

But did you know that you could make your donation to Surfers Against Sewage, and our shared fight to protect the ocean, go further through Gift Aid? And all at no extra cost to you.

What is Gift Aid?

The Gift Aid scheme allows us to reclaim tax on donations made by UK taxpayers from HMRC. This means that for every £1 you donate to us we can claim 0.25p from the government and therefore as a result of your donation we will receive £1.25 in total, without costing you any extra.

How to sign up?

  • Online, when you make a donation
  • By paper form – download it here

How does it work?

You need to complete the Gift Aid declaration section when donating via our website or by using our paper form. We can then claim Gift Aid on all your donations in the last four years and all future donations.

This form confirms that you’re a UK taxpayer and that your charitable donations to us do not exceed the amount of tax you’ve paid during the tax year. If you pay less income tax and/or capital gains tax than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all your donations in that tax year, it’s your responsibility to pay any difference.

Am I eligible for Gift Aid?

You’re eligible if:

  • You’re a UK taxpayer


  • The income tax or capital gains tax you pay that year* is at least equal to that amount of Gift aid claimed on your donations to charity

*This tax paid needs to cover the amount of Gift aid claimed on all your donations in a year – not just the donations to Surfers Against Sewage.

Keep us up to date

We love hearing from you! It’s really important that you let us know if you stop paying tax or if you change your name or address, so that we can update our records or stop claiming against your donations. If you need to notify us of any such changes, please get in touch:

Are you a higher rate taxpayer?

If you pay a higher rate of tax (40% or above), it’s possible for you to claim the difference between the higher and basic rate on the total value of your donation.

To find out more about the additional tax relief – check out this link:

Certain donations are not eligible eg:

  • Entry cost donations (e.g. prize draws, raffles)
  • Proceeds from group collections (eg. the donation is on behalf of a group of people)
  • Donations made by companies

So remember – if you are donating through our website – don’t click the gift aid box if your donation is one of the above!

Are you a fundraiser?

Check out the section above on non-eligible donations – you can’t gift aid donations that are a collection of donations from different people. An individual donor is the only person who can gift aid their donations by filling in the right details/forms.

Thanks for your support