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Marine Minerals Limited are applying for a licence to remove millions of tonnes of sediment from North Cornwall’s sea bed as little as 200 meters offshore at some of Cornwall’s premier beaches, including; St Ives Bay, Porthtowan, St Agnes & Perranporth. There are many potential adverse impacts associated with a proposal of this type, but SAS is especially concerned about threats to vital coastal processes, the marine environment, marine wildlife and local surfing resources. The North Cornish coastline is a valuable natural environment, already supporting thousands of jobs and generating millions of pounds for the region. Surfing alone brings in £64 million to Cornwall’s economy and supports 1,600 full time jobs.

Alarmingly, Marine Minerals Limited’s proposal also requires a significant exclusion zone around their operations in the sea, which would prohibit bathers, surfers and other recreational water users from entering the sea and exclude other commercial activities from significant areas of the ocean.

Marine Minerals Limited has already unlawfully removed sediments without the required licenses and submitted a deficient scoping opinion, heavily criticised by both SAS and the national regulator, the Marine Management Organisation (MMO).


SAS are still waiting for Marine Minerals Limited to produce the first draft of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).  When the draft EIA is shared with key stakeholders, including SAS, there will be a period to review the EIA to ensure the assessment takes into account the full range of potential impacts and suggest appropriate mitigation.  SAS have contacted Marine Minerals Limited repeatedly to offer to advise on the range of potential impacts on coastal processes and the wave resource for the draft EIA.

Join SAS in voicing concerns to Cornwall Council about Marine Minerals Limited’s commercial dredging proposal for the North Cornish on a new Facebook Causes petition. Cornwall Council is the regulatory body enforcing the St Ives Bay Coast Protection Order 2002 and has the power to decide if Marine Minerals Limited can proceed with this ominous commercial venture. The dredging will involve removing, processing and partially replacing millions of tonnes of sediment from St Ives Bay, as close as 200 metres from beautiful Cornish beaches, for the next 10 years. SAS members have been given an anti-dredging campaign postcard addressed to Cornwall Council with their latest membership magazine.

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  • Join Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) in voicing concerns to Cornwall Council about Marine Minerals Limited’s commercial dredging proposal for the North Cornish on a new Facebook Causes petition. Visit website…

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Marine Minerals Limited carry out unlawful sampling for dredging plans

We can reveal that Marine Minerals Limited (MML) has unlawfully undertaken the first significant works associated with their dredging proposal. Considering St Ives Bay is one of only 3 sites Marine Minerals Limited is  applying to dredge, they are either incompetent or negligent in failing to apply for the necessary permission to carry out their sampling under the Coastal Protection Act 1949. Read more…


Should you be dreading the dredge?

Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) is calling on communities in North Cornwall to submit opinions on a massive and potentially devastating coastal dredging proposal. Learn more…