Our work & impact

As a marine conservation and campaigning charity, our work relies on Ocean Activists.

We need petitions signed, bills passed, protests attended, voices heard. So we’re accelerating Ocean Activism everywhere, to drive political and systemic change and turn the tide for good.

Having a passionate community around us who are ready and willing to take action to protect the ocean is vital to achieve our campaigning goals and leave a lasting impact. Because change can’t happen without people power.


  • By giving communities the tools to act on the issues threatening the ocean, we’re changing the systems and structures that are destroying marine ecosystems worldwide.
  • By building, educating, empowering, supporting and connecting diverse communities we’re delivering more impact (you can read our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion statement here).
  • By meeting people where they are and running broad campaigns that engage them with Ocean Activism in all sorts of ways – political, scientific, fundraising and educational – we’re becoming the wave that drives positive change.

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Campaigning is at our core

Campaigning sits at the heart of our work and always has.

Campaigning can mean…

  • Getting tough on those in positions of power
  • Protesting against policies
  • Pushing back against inactivity

Campaigning is about…

  • Being clear on your goal
  • Mobilising people to achieve it

Every name on a petition. Every new member helping fund our work. Every bottle collected, parliamentary committee lobbied, story told, email sent. It’s all part of campaigning, and it’s a positive, effective way to make a difference.

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Fighting sewage pollution

Campaigning for a cleaner ocean is a central part of our DNA. Find out what we’re doing to end sewage pollution and improve UK water quality.

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Our impact

For over 30 years, we’ve cultivated and delivered environmental campaigns with a unique voice in the charity sector, blending activism, science, culture, sport, politics and authenticity. The heritage of our organisation is anchored in the ocean. Yet our reach and influence now permeate communities and institutions nationwide.

Making waves: Our impact in numbers

  • 6 billion

    plastic bags prevented from damaging marine environments (but plastic pollution still needs fighting)

  • Number one

    our beach clean volunteer community is the largest in the UK

  • 44,691

    Ocean Activists signed our petition to #EndSewagePollution

  • 98.5%

    of England's bathing waters that passed the Bathing Water Directive's minimum standards in 2016, up from 27% in 1990 (but so much more can be done)

Ocean Impact Report

Find out how we’ll grow our charity, influence, network and impact over the next three years.

Ocean Impact Report

Voice of the ocean

We’re building and empowering a diverse community of active supporters campaigning together as the authentic voice of the ocean.

Through compelling campaigns and initiatives, we enable individuals and communities to take action on our four key focus areas, supporting our ten-year goals.

Read our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement