Wipes Out For World Toilet Day

Surfers Against Sewage, together with hundreds of environmental organisations and water industry bodies from 19 countries have signed the statement below, aimed at reducing sewage discharges and toilet blockages and the associated human and environmental impacts from this pollution.  The organisations signing this statement below agree that:

Only the 3Ps – Pee, Poo and toilet Paper – should be flushed.

Currently, all wipes and personal hygiene products should be clearly marked as “Do Not Flush” and be disposed of in the bin or trashcan.

Wipes labelled “Flushable” based on passing a manufacturers’ trade association guidance document should be labelled “Do Not Flush” until there is a standard agreed by the water and wastewater industry.

Manufacturers of wipes and personal hygiene products should give consumers clear and unambiguous information about appropriate disposal methods.

Looking to the future, new innovations in materials might make it possible for certain products to be ushed, if they pass a technical standard which has been developed and agreed by the water and wastewater industry*. Preferably this standard would be developed under the banner of the International Standards Organisation (ISO).

Key requirements for any standard include that the product:

a) breaks into small pieces quickly;

b) must not be buoyant;

c) does not contain plastic or regenerated cellulose and only contains materials which will readily degrade in a range of natural environments.

*and in compliance with local legislative requirements.

It’s simple to be a positive supporter on this issue, just Think Before You Flush!