We Need a Strong Environment Bill that Protects the Ocean

Now we have exited the EU, we are having to put our own environmental legislation in place. This is a once in a generation opportunity to make sure we are putting measures in place that not only protect the ocean and natural environment but reverse decades of decline of ecosystems on land and at sea. Its critical that we see our government take progressive action and lead the way in creating this new legislation.

The Environment Bill is a new law that will determine the fate of the ocean. It will set out plans, targets and policies for improving the natural environment as well as set out governance structures that will make sure Government does what is set out within the Bill. We want to gaze out to sea and know that sea life is thriving, not choking on plastic or struggling to survive climate change – the Environment Bill needs to ensure this vision become a reality.

The Environment Bill is currently going through Parliament and is at a critical stage where amendments are being made before it becomes law. This is a really important stage where we need to make sure that the bill is amended in the right way to. In its current form the bill:

  • fails to protect the ocean;
  • does not set clear, legally binding targets that can’t be undone;
  • does not ensure improvements in the quality of bathing waters;
  • focuses on recycling and end of life solutions to waste rather than on reduction in production and consumption and refill; and
  • will not result in a truly independent watchdog to hold government to account.

A committee of 19 MP’s will be going through the Bill, line by line, to make amendments. The table below highlights some of the key amendments that have been put forward that we feel address some of the failings of the bill and will really strengthen the legislation.

You can help highlight these amendments to MP’s that are sat on the Environment Bill Committee. Find out who they are HERE.