Seas For Life – Northern Ireland Education Tour

Surfers Against Sewage’s Regional Rep for Northern Ireland, Dan Lavery, will be delivering the Seas For Life education programme to over 2,000 young coastal activists at 15 schools across Northern Ireland this month.

The series of schools talks will focus on the Seas for Life education materials, but will also be tailored towards Northern Ireland with information, specific environmental issues and statistics relating to local beaches. The talks will also help encourage students to get involved with SAS’s Big Spring Beach Clean, which includes community beach cleans at Magiligan Point on Friday the 28th, Benone Beach on Saturday the 29th and Castlerock on Sunday the 30th (see events page for more details).

The tour will be visiting the following schools:

  • St Mary’s Primary – 5th March.
  • St Canices Primary, Feeny – 6th March.
  • Termincanice Primary, Limavady – 11th March.
  • Ballykelly Primary, Limavady – 12th March.
  • St Anthony’s, Limavady – 13th March.
  • Central Primary, Limavady – 19th March.
  • Bellarena, Limavady – 20th March.
  • Oakgrove, Limavady – 20th March.
  • Broadbridge, Derry – 21st March.
  • St Anne’s, Derry – 24th March.
  • St Aidan’s – 25th March.
  • Hezlett, Castlerock – 26th March.
  • Ballymaclary, Limavady  – 26th March.
  • Roe Valley Integrated, Limavady – 27th March.
  • St Finloughs, Limavady – 4th April.

The Seas For Life education programme focuses on the subject of sustainability and linking it to our interaction with the sea. The programme covers the main issues SAS’s campaign on; water quality, marine litter, climate change, toxic chemicals, shipping and coastal wave protection. The children will be learning about marine ecosystems and sustainable fishing through the SAS fishing game; the effects marine litter on the ocean, particularly plastic debris; the impacts of sewage discharges on water quality and how they can help make a difference in protecting UK waves, oceans and beaches, both individually and as a community. The talks will also include information on Marine Conservation Zones and their importance in protecting and enhancing our seas.

Specific campaigns the children are introduced to include; Think Before You Flush, Sewage Alert Service and the UFO campaign.