New Cleaner Coastal Catchments Initiative Launched

We are launching the new Cleaner Coastal Catchment initiative for Ilfracombe (North Devon) and Porth (Cornwall).  These beaches are currently predicted to fail water quality standards for the bathing water directive.  Our new Cleaner Coastal Catchment initiative has been developed with the Environment Agency to help these communities, local industries and local authorities deliver water quality improvements.  We will host free Cleaner Coastal Catchments launch days at Wildersmouth beach, Ilfracombe on 1st August 11:30 – 13:30 and at Porth beach on 2nd August 11:30 – 13:30.  The launch events will feature interactive Cleaner Coastal Catchment beach games and a tideline exploration, discovering the interesting flora and fauna these beaches support.

The Cleaner Coastal Catchments initiative will help deliver improved water quality at bathing waters predicted to fail by rolling out solutions across communities, businesses and organisations.  The solutions specifically target protecting the sewerage network from fats, oils, grease and sanitary products, maximising sewerage capacity, protecting waterways from misconnections, reducing urban pollution, reducing farming pollution and ultimately improving bathing water quality.  The initiative will directly engage with thousands of people including decision makers in local authorities, business leaders and the local community via stakeholder meetings, education events, promotional materials, campaign materials and press releases.

The bespoke Cleaner Coastal Catchment website will collect individuals, business and organisation’s pledges, as communities commit to changing behaviour and implementing the necessary campaign solutions.  These pledges will help us measure how effective the project has been, and identify any areas that need additional attention.  The website also hosts a number of useful resources and with a wide range of solutions for improving bathing water quality.

The Cleaner Coastal Catchment initiative will motivate coastal communities into action, ensuring both residential and business sectors are aware of the great social and economic value of their bathing water, whilst also fully understanding the risks and impacts of failing the bathing water directive.  Equally important is improving coastal communities catchment understanding.  There are many potential sources of pollution across a catchment.   Communities need to recognise they too can be a source of the problem.   Only with this improved understanding will these coastal communities truly be motivated and effective at delivering the necessary actions to improve water quality.

A combination of information from the bathing water profiles, regional expertise from Environment Agency officers and SAS’ experienced team have developed a Cleaner Coastal Catchment Solution Matrix identifying the most appropriate and effective solutions for these bathing waters.

Andy Leyman Beach Champion for Wildersmouth, Ilfracombe says:

The Cleaner Costal Catchment initiative is a great way to get the local community involved to help improve bathing water quality at Porth and Wildersmouth, Ilfracombe. This joint project with SAS will help us to reach more people in the local area to help them understand what they can do to help improve their local beach and bathing water quality.