For the love of waves, oceans and beaches.

Ahead of  COP21 the Climate Coalition are organising several large public marches to send a strong message to world leaders that action must be taken now, for the love of oceans, waves, beaches, bees, birds and butterflies.

As active members of the Climate Coalition we are asking our supporters to represent water users and at these marches, sending a strong message to world leaders.  Everyone’s welcome to join these fun and unforgettable actions on the 28th & 29th.   Take your surfboards, wear wetsuits, dress up and be as creative as you feel.  There are several large marches organised at Cardiff & Edinburgh (28th) and London & Belfast (29th) and many more smaller events around the UK.

It now goes without saying, the overwhelming scientific consensus has agreed that anthropological (human made) climate change is threatening society, the environment and the economy.  World leaders will come together at the COP21 in Paris to discuss what actions will be taken in an attempt to prevent the worst of the predicted impacts.  Now is the time to send these leaders a clear message; they have the support of the citizens to act swiftly and decisively.

Surfers Against Sewage have been members of the Climate Coalition for more than a decade and produced the report Climate Change, A Surfers Perspective in 2007 detailing the impacts surfers, recreational water users and the coastline faces from climate change.  Impacts include increased pollution incidents linked to more intense rainfall events, destruction of surfing resources with raising sea levels and reshaping the coastline after severe storm activity.  Read the report in full here and learn about the sustainable guide to surfing here.