Do a Million Mile Clean and Fundraise For SAS

It’s spring, it’s time to get outside to your beach, riverbank, local trail and open spaces and enjoy the added hours of sunlight. It’s also a great time to give something back to the planet, and with this years Earth Day being focussed on the planet vs plastic, why not sign up to do a Million Mile Beach Clean and fundraise for SAS at the same time?


  1. Create a Just Giving fundraising page with us. Set your clean date & target amount to raise:

  2. Register your clean & to receive your Million Mile Clean kit:

  3. Share your stories on socials and we’ll celebrate your clean with you!


  • Beach/open space cleans are scientifically proven as one of the most efficient ways of removing plastic from our environment.
  • Every piece of plastic removed from the environment removes the possibility of it entering the food chain, or worse, killing a living creature. You are helping save both marine and terrestrial eco systems.
  • Getting outside and doing something for the environment is proven to help with mental health and general wellbeing.
  • Removing plastic from the environment protects human health.
  • Removing plastic from the environment helps communities keep their local areas clean and safe, and inspires others to do the same.
  • Fundraising for SAS allows us to campaign for an end to single use plasti
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