The Ocean Needs You!

Are you taking up running this year? Or maybe you’re swimming in ice cold water, SUPing 500 miles or trying your hand for the next season of Great British Bake Off. Whatever you do with your free time – the ocean needs you to raise money while you’re doing it!

Whether you’re setting yourself a new challenge or using your talents to create and sell awesome artwork – you can do it for the ocean! Fundraising is agreat way to help save the ocean, all while challenging yourself and engaging with your local community and friends and family – virtually or in person!

We can’t do it without you!

When you’re ready to start your fundraising journey, get in touch with our fundraising officer, Sophie, for a chat about what you would like to do.

Keep scrolling for ideas, check out our ideas and tips or have a look at our fundraising FAQ’s which may answer any questions you have.

How will you fundraise?

Do a Beach, River or Mountain Clean

Clear your local environment of plastic pollution and raise money and awareness at the same time.

Walking, running or swimming- if you’re being sponsored to clean the environment, make it a part of our Million Mile Clean!


Take part in an organised race, virtual event or a solo challenge! Running is a great way to stay healthy and raise money!

See also, cycling (just add wheels!) and walking (slow it down a bit). Whatever your choice of movement, you can do it for the ocean.

Take a Dip in Cold Water!

The ultimate challenge and a real boost for your mental health! Whether it’s a bath tub filled with ice or the North Sea, there’s nothing more exhilarating than a cold-water dip.

Make or Bake

Set up a little stall on your doorstep of freshly baked cupcakes and you’ll be raising funds in no time… and making friends with the neighbours! Whatever your interests are, there’s a way to use them – you can host an auction of your artwork, put on a musical show, or even clear out your attic and have a jumble sale!

Fundraise for your Birthday

Not sure what you want for your birthday? Why not ask for your friends and family to donate to SAS instead! It’s super simple to set up a birthday fundraiser, either on social media or using a fundraising platform.

Had an idea we haven’t mentioned here?
Awesome! Let us know how you’re fundraising for us!

How to Get Started

  1. Set up your Just Giving fundraising page with us here.
  2. Promote your event on social media! You can share the link to your fundraising page with friends and family. If you’re training for a big event or lots of you are taking part, sharing your progress is a great way to keep people engaged!
  3. Once you’ve raised £25 or more, SAS will send you a T-Shirt so you can show your support while you’re training or during your event.
  4. Congratulations, you’ve raised money and awareness for SAS! You don’t need to do anything as your fundraising page will transfer the money automatically, but if your event meant you were collecting cash donations you’ll receive a paying-in form to fill in and return to us.
  5. THANK YOU! We’ll be in touch to say thanks, and you can share your awesome achievement with friends and family – if you keep your fundraising page live this is a great opportunity to get a few more donations.