Mini beach cleans

Anyone – Anywhere – Anytime

One thing we all have in common is a shared a desire to take hands-on action to protect our beaches from plastic pollution 365 days a year.

Whilst it’s not always possible to find, or even organise an ‘official’ SAS Beach Clean, if you have less than 15 people, it is ALWAYS possible to do a #MiniBeachClean.

Mini Beach Clean animated

#MiniBeachClean is simply a mindset, an engaging and positive ethos to encourage us to recognise that;

  • Every action we take, however big or small has an impact. Every piece of plastic pollution  we remove is a small victory in our battle to create Plastic Free Coastlines
  • Our actions raise awareness of the marine plastic pollution crisis which is as important as removing it.
  • Every beach is impacted by plastic pollution and deserves our protection
  • We can help re-capture recyclables like plastic bottles. Take them home and #RecycleForVictory!

How to #MiniBeachClean!

Be Safe

We believe that, as long as you are respectful and stay safe and only remove plastic pollution (please use our SAS-Safety-Guidelines) you shouldn’t have to ask permission or fill out loads of forms to remove some litter from your favourite places


The beauty of #MiniBeachClean is that it’s up to you how you do it! Whether you kit up with some heavy duty gloves, a wheelbarrow and a pack lunch to the farthest reaches of your favourite stretch of coastline or simply fill your hands with the plastics that you come across on a family walk. The key is that YOU are doing something positive and representing YOUR beach!


Take a photo of your #MiniBeachClean haul or you could even try our #MiniBeachClean ‘Shaka’ with the item of litter that most enrages you!


Get the #MiniBeachClean logos to help promote your activity on social media


Upload your #MiniBeachClean to your Instagram, Twitter or other social media account – Make sure to tag SAS and your beach please!

Handles & Hashtags


Please recycle as much of the plastic you find through your curb-side boxes (probably just bottles and containers!)

Anyone – Anywhere – Anytime

#MiniBeachClean Wall of fame