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We’re calling for Deposit Return Systems to be introduced in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Our aim is to educate the public, and via our poll and social media actions, to present evidence of public support for this radical system shift to trap plastic in the economy, not the environment.

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Litter doesn’t belong in our environment

The single-use plastic bottle is fast becoming synonymous with our beaches. These bottles can take more than 450 years to fragment into micro plastics, harming marine life on the way. Together with the cans and other containers, they are trashing our tide lines and littering our line-ups.

A simple circular economy Deposit Return System, could help almost eliminate plastic bottles and other containers littering our precious blue and green spaces, ensuring they are returned to the manufacturer for reuse or recycling, protecting our environment, saving a valuable resource and saving local authorities money.

What is a Deposit Return System?
Returning a used plastic bottle and reclaiming the deposit

—— Plastic bottles

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the marine environment

It probably won’t surprise anyone to learn plastic bottles litter tidelines all around the world. However, the sheer quantity on UK beaches is shocking, with the latest Beachwatch survey finding 159 plastic bottles for every mile of beach surveyed. There is also growing evidence exposing an alarming number of plastic bottles accumulating on the seabed.

In the marine environment, a typical plastic bottle might take around 450 years to break down, potentially longer. But what does “break down” mean? Harmlessly disappear? Unfortunately not. Plastic bottles fragment, breaking down into smaller and smaller plastic particles with the ever-increased potential to cause harm to marine life and enter the food chain. Glass bottles and metal cans take significantly longer to break down and can cause serious harm and injury as they do.

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01 —— First and foremost

Sign our petition

Support the Message In A Bottle campaign and join Surfers Against Sewage in calling for Deposit Return Systems to be introduced in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland. We’ll be presenting the petition to our All Party Parliamentary Group in Summer 2017 to evidence the public support for this radical system shift to trap plastic in the economy, not the environment.

I support the introduction of a Deposit Return System to protect our beaches from plastic bottles and containers.

Thank you

Thank you for signing our "Message In A Bottle" petition calling for a Deposit Return System. Every name added makes it more likely that plastic pollution on our beaches will be reduced.

02 —— Challenge your MP to support a Plastic Free Parliament

Challenge your MP

Ask your MP to help Parliament go Plastic Free and encourage them to avoid unnecessary single-use plastics. Write to your MP today and invite them to join you in our quest to create Plastic Free Coastlines. Get started here: https://www.sas.org.uk/plastic-free-parliament/

03 —— Seeing is believing

Share a photo

Photograph single-use containers littering your favourite beaches and share them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, including our campaign message:

“I support a Deposit Return System to protect the marine environment. #MessageInABottle
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04 —— Digitally lobby

Make it personal

Repeat the previous action, but this time lobby your elected Member of Parliament or Assembly Member MP on Twitter. Target manufacturers and companies who make the products you are finding on the beach. Share a photo of their product littering the environment, and ask them to support a Deposit Return System.

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05 —— Roll up your sleeves

Join a beach clean

Join Surfers Against Sewage at a beach clean event. If there isn’t a beach clean at your local beach we can help you to run your own.

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06 —— Charity donation

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