Waves of Optimism

Together we can create #WavesOfOptimism

Are you missing the awe and wonder of the ocean?

Art is a fantastic indication that there is life is still going on. While we cannot easily access the ocean we can still send waves of ocean optimism across the UK through our #WavesOfOptimism campaign.

The idea is simple; turn your windows into part of the biggest ocean art gallery Surfers Against Sewage has ever coordinated. Every wave created and displayed will be sending ripples of ocean optimism to people passing by as well as to our online community of ocean activists.

Ready to get involved?

Step 1:

Take a look at our step by step guide and download our wave template or draw your own.

Step 2:

Fill your wave with ocean optimism, whether this is through colour, marine wildlife, memories of their time at the beach or reasons for wanting to protect the ocean.

Step 3:

Share your work!

Display your wave in your window for your community to see and take a photo to share your wave online. Remember to tag us @surfersagainstsewage and use #WavesOfOptimism so that we can see your work.

We will, of course return to UK beaches in the not too distant future. Perhaps with a new found respect and appreciation of the simple pleasures that can be found in these beautiful outdoor spaces. In the meantime, we can’t wait to see all your amazing #WavesOfOptimism.