Where next for Surfers Against Sewage campaigns in 2019?

More than 4,197 supporters have completed the survey about our oceans. Thank you!  Your answers provide powerful evidence of our concerns about the health of the ocean. They show clearly the need for greater laws and regulation to conserve the ocean environment, so crucial to human health and wellbeing.

We have been overwhelmed by the response and inspired by the reasons why people want to protect our precious oceans. One SAS supporter Janice said its because the ocean is “good for the soul, essential for the planet” and we agree!

More than 97% of us said we would help to take action to secure a strong Environment Bill, with a range of actions including signing and sharing petitions, contacting their MP, collecting evidence from shorelines and promoting the campaign on social media.

We are all very aware of the political changes and chaos underway in the UK at the moment, but its clear we can do more together make everyone aware of the opportunity in 2019 with the new Environment Bill.

Overall we are not very optimistic about  the future of our oceans under current proposals, laws and regulations. More than 60% of us are not optimistic at all but its also interesting that a third are quite ‘quite optimistic’.

Ben Hewitt, Director of Campaigns and Projects at Surfers Against Sewage has analysed the information and said

“It’s clear that we are deeply concerned about the future of our oceans and want to be a part of a movement to save our seas. This is a truly unique group unified by a love for the ocean, beaches and sea life; and we want to be involved in a range of actions: from  tackling plastic pollution at the beach to holding decision makers and big business to account. This gives us a clear mandate for our campaigning  together in 2019”

Plastic Pollution is a leading concern for nearly half of us, and tackling climate change is the priority concern for 38%, but we are being seeing that these are interlinked with water quality and the need for fully protected ocean sanctuaries. The issues of deep sea mining, industrial fishing and chemical pollution are also concerns for many.

The survey revealed a deep connection with the sea, which drives our passion for taking action. Here are just some of the quotes we received:

“The overwhelming feeling of being part of a world greater than yourself” Alice

“Good for the soul, essential for the planet”  Janice

“It was, and should be again, a deep source, both literally and metaphorically, of wellbeing for all living things.” Adam

“It is freedom” Hayley

“It soothes my soul” Julie

We do believe that with a brand new Environment Bill due in the UK in 2019, our country has a chance – for the first time in a generation – to rewrite the rules that protect our beaches and seas. We know from the overwhelming response to the survey, that together we want to tackle this challenge with everything we’ve got. And that our community wants to be involved. So that’s what we’re going to do…

Take action in 2019 to help save our oceans.   Click Here to join #GenerationSea