Save Our Seas Tattoo Artist – Nick the Tailor

The ‘Save Our Seas’ Marine Litter Tattoo campaign takes it’s inspiration from highly stylised maritime tattoos that are synonymous with the sea and those deeply connected to it – mariners, sailors, fishermen, seafarers, explorers and in more recent times, surfers and those seeking thrills, excitement and adventure connected to the coastline. As tattoos, the designs convey a strong sense of permanence, something that the marine litter crisis is threatening if urgent action is not taken soon.

The campaign was created by award-winning advertising agency M&C Saatchi in association with acclaimed American tattoo artist Nick The Tailor to support SAS’s environmental initiatives tackling marine litter. Nick the Tailor’s style has a basis in traditional western tattooing (old school), but over time has developed to include the colours and details that are missing in many traditional designs. Rather than simply using shadows to create depth, he incorporates colour theory and design principles into every piece he creates.