2017 Bathing Season Begins

The 2017 Bathing Season begins today, while the weather may suggest otherwise, the bathing season marks the start of the warmest time of year and the best time to get in the sea! It is the time of year we see the largest number of people using our coastal waters. Whether you’re swimming, surfing, supping, sailing or snorkelling, the bathing season is the only time of year waters are monitored and tested for quality.

2016 saw widespread excellent classifications for water quality across the UK and signifies the extensive infrastructure investment driven by the EU Urban Waste Water Treatment & Bathing Water Directive and continued combined efforts from the industry, regulators as well as pressure from SAS campaigns to ensure our water quality is the best it can possibly be.

Unfortunately, water quality can be impacted by localised pollution incidents during periods of heavy rainfall, these events can go missed by the testing regime and can lead to short-term reductions in water quality. To combat this, we have the Safer Seas Service.

The Safer Seas Service is the tool to bridge the gap between regulatory testing and real-time water quality, and in doing so provide the gold standard of public protection at our bathing waters.

Download the Safer Seas Service, or visit our online map to check where is best to get in the sea before you go. You can avoid impacted waters and ensure you are bathing in the best places.

To read more about the dangers of bathing in poor water quality visit our page detailing the risks of mixing with sewage.

We are looking to improve the Safer Seas Service year on year to ensure the UK has the gold standard of water quality information. We are working with Water Companies and Regulators on the next version of the Safer Seas Service, to provide widespread and easier to access information.