Plastic Free Schools Lessons

Key Stage 3

The Science of Plastic KS3

A science lesson where pupils will discover what plastic is, why it was created and how it is made. They will then conduct a scientific enquiry into single-use plastic products, identifying their properties, uses and environmental implications.


The Great Plastic Debate

An English lesson where pupils will debate the theoretical motion that the concept of Plastic Free Schools should be disregarded until 2042. This will help pupils to recognise the importance of seeing issues from different stakeholder points of view whilst finding out more about the impact of single-use plastics.



Talking Rubbish

An English lesson where pupils will compare linear and circular economies, particularly in relation to single-use plastic, pollution and climate change. They will then write and deliver a speech aimed at encouraging businesses and local councils to move towards circular economies and build in systems such as a Deposit Return Scheme to capture plastic waste.


Plastic Persuasion

An English and Maths lesson where pupils will use real life statistics as a persuasive device. Pupils will compare the results of their own clean up to SAS’s Dirty Dozen data and use their findings to write a persuasive letter to a brand who’s packaging is found as plastic pollution.


On the Plastics Trail

A Geography lesson where pupils will discover how plastic pollution is caused and use geographical skills to investigate plastic pollution affecting UK coastlines.