Up to 13 million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans every year.

Over 2 million avoidable single-use plastic items were used in Parliament in 2017.

It’s now time for Parliament to get their house in order.

Challenge your MP to join you and support a Plastic Free Parliament.


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Rt Hon Layla Moran MP
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Rt Hon Layla Moran MP
House of Commons

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Please join me in protecting our environment by supporting Plastic Free Parliament. Eliminating and replacing single-use plastics across the Parliamentary estate and reusing items where possible will go a long way in reducing Parliament's plastic footprint. In 2017 the Parliamentary estate purchased over 2 million unnecessary single-use plastic items that could have been avoided by small changes.

Share your support with the tag #PlasticFreeParliament @sascampaigns or by emailing [email protected] for more information.

Plastic Free Parliament is your opportunity to lead by example and join your constituents in protecting the environment from plastics.

Yours sincerely,


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You can personalise your message with some of the following suggestions:

  • There are over 180 Communities working towards Plastic Free Status.
  • 1,393 SAS volunteer Beach Cleans took place in 2017.
  • 34,779 volunteers removed 97,202 KG of litter from UK beaches.
  • 29,108 single-use plastic bottles were collected from our beaches and recycled by the SAS community in 2017.
  • Up to 13 million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans every year globally.
  • 2.5 billion single-use coffee cups are used in the UK every year.
  • You could even include ways you personally avoid single-use plastics.

You can help gain more MP support by sharing this message or tweeting using the button below:

Join me by inviting your MP to help create #PlasticFreeParliament with @sascampaigns www.plasticfreeparliament.co.uk

What is Plastic Free Parliament?

Plastic Free Parliament will empower individuals and communities to call on MPs to “get their house in order” and rid Parliament of single-use plastics.

The House of Commons and House of Lords used over 2 million avoidable single-use plastic items in 2017*. All of which could be easily replaced with sustainable alternatives.

We want you to challenge your MP to help Parliament go Plastic Free and encourage them to avoid unnecessary single-use plastics.

Write to your MP today and invite them to join you in our quest to create Plastic Free Coastlines.

* Plastic Cutlery; Plastic Straws; Plastic Stirrers; Marmite Portions; Sachet French Mustard; Sachet Malt Vinegar; Sachet Mayonnaise; Sachet English Mustard; Sachet Brown Sauce; Sachet Salad Cream; Soft Drink Bottles; Sachets Tomato Ketchup; Individual Butter Portions; Single use serving milk portions; Coffee Cups; Coffee Cup Lids.

Plastic Free Parliament

We are targeting the reduction of five single-use plastic items across Parliament. These items have been identified following a detailed investigation carried out by Surfers Against Sewage. They are easily avoidable across the estate and reduction or even eradication of these items is achievable.

  • Plastic Cutlery
  • Plastic Straws and Stirrers
  • Single Serve Condiments
  • Soft Drink Bottles
  • Coffee Cups (inc Lids)

Globally 5 to 13 million tonnes of plastics end up in the oceans every year. Collectively we need to put a stop to this now. Surfers Against Sewage has created a number of Plastic Free projects to bring together Communities, Schools and now Parliament to create Plastic Free Coastlines. By all doing our small part, we can create positive long lasting change that will put an end to unnecessary single-use plastics.

Call on your MP to join you in creating change and protecting our environment from this man-made threat.

Organisations supporting Plastic Free Parliament

The Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Free Parliament project is supporting the #OneLess movement to eradicate single-use plastic water bottles and create a refill revolution in London.

SAS and #OneLess will be encouraging all MPs and Peers to make a personal pledge to stop buying bottled water and switch to refilling instead.

To support this, SAS and #OneLess are calling on Parliament to look at their drinking water infrastructure and ensure free reliable water points are located in easy access locations throughout Parliamentary buildings.

By taking the #OneLess pledge to use a refillable water bottle, you are helping to ensure that fewer plastic bottles end up in the ocean. Please visit www.onelessbottle.org or @OneLessBTL.

Plastic Free Parliament is facilitated by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation who are supporting Surfers Against Sewage's marine conservation work through the Protect Our Waves All Party Parliamentary Group.

MPs supporting this project

  • Rt Hon Diane Abbott MP
  • Mike Amesbury MP
  • Sir David Amess MP
  • Stuart Andrew MP
  • Tonia Antoniazzi MP
  • Mr Adrian Bailey MP
  • Hannah Bardell MP
  • Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP
  • Rt Hon Richard Benyon MP
  • Bob Blackman MP
  • Sir Peter Bottomley MP
  • Rt Hon Ben Bradshaw MP
  • Sir Graham Brady MP
  • Rt Hon Tom Brake MP
  • Kevin Brennan MP
  • Deidre Brock MP
  • Alan Brown MP
  • Rt Hon Nicholas Brown MP
  • Richard Burden MP
  • Ruth Cadbury MP
  • Rt Hon Alan Campbell MP
  • Mr Ronnie Campbell MP
  • Maria Caulfield MP
  • Sarah Champion MP
  • Douglas Chapman MP
  • Mr Simon Clarke MP
  • James Cleverly MP
  • Robert Courts MP
  • Mr Geoffrey Cox QC MP
  • Rt Hon Stephen Crabb MP
  • Mary Creagh MP
  • Rt Hon Sir Edward Davey MP
  • Wayne David MP
  • Geraint Davies MP
  • Glyn Davies MP
  • Mims Davies MP
  • Martyn Day MP
  • Marsha De Cordova MP
  • Thangam Debbonaire MP
  • Caroline Dinenage MP
  • Steve Double MP
  • Stephen Doughty MP
  • Dr David Drew MP
  • James Duddridge MP
  • Rosie Duffield MP
  • Mr Philip Dunne MP
  • Jonathan Edwards MP
  • George Eustice MP
  • Tim Farron MP
  • Rt Hon Frank Field MP
  • Rt Hon Mark Field MP
  • Vicky Ford MP
  • Hugh Gaffney MP
  • Ruth George MP
  • Stephen Gethins MP
  • Patricia Gibson MP
  • Paul Girvan MP
  • Paul Blomfield MP
  • Rt Hon Sir Hugo Swire MP
  • Mr Roger Godsiff MP
  • Zac Goldsmith MP
  • Helen Goodman MP
  • Mr Robert Goodwill MP
  • Patrick Grady MP
  • Richard Graham MP
  • James Gray MP
  • Rt Hon Justine Greening MP
  • Lilian Greenwood MP
  • Louise Haigh MP
  • Rt Hon David Hanson MP
  • Helen Hayes MP
  • Sue Hayman MP
  • James Heappey MP
  • Peter Heaton-Jones MP
  • Gordon Henderson MP
  • Sir Mark Hendrick MP
  • Mike Hill MP
  • Mrs Sharon Hodgson MP
  • Kate Hoey MP
  • Kelvin Hopkins MP
  • Dr Rupa Huq MP
  • Christine Jardine MP
  • Mr Bernard Jenkin MP
  • Darren Jones MP
  • Mr Marcus Jones MP
  • Afzal Khan MP
  • Peter Kyle MP
  • Ben Lake MP
  • Rt Hon Norman Lamb MP
  • Mrs Pauline Latham MP
  • Karen Lee MP
  • Rt Hon Sir Oliver Letwin MP
  • David Linden MP
  • Stephen Lloyd MP
  • Tony Lloyd MP
  • Caroline Lucas MP
  • Ian C. Lucas MP
  • Angus Brendan MacNeil MP
  • Craig Mackinlay MP
  • Rachel Maclean MP
  • Mrs Anne Main MP
  • Seema Malhotra MP
  • Scott Mann MP
  • Sandy Martin MP
  • Rachael Maskell MP
  • Kerry McCarthy MP
  • Stuart C. McDonald MP
  • Anna McMorrin MP
  • John McNally MP
  • Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP
  • Mrs Madeleine Moon MP
  • Layla Moran MP
  • Stephen Morgan MP
  • Grahame Morris MP
  • Ian Murray MP
  • Robert Neill MP
  • Sarah Newton MP
  • Neil O'Brien MP
  • Jared O'Mara MP
  • Dr Matthew Offord MP
  • Neil Parish MP
  • Rt Hon Sir Mike Penning MP
  • Jess Phillips MP
  • Jo Platt MP
  • Luke Pollard MP
  • Stephen Pound MP
  • Rebecca Pow MP
  • Victoria Prentis MP
  • Faisal Rashid MP
  • Rt Hon John Redwood MP
  • Mr Steve Reed MP
  • Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg MP
  • Jonathan Reynolds MP
  • Andrew Rosindell MP
  • Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP
  • Rt Hon Joan Ryan MP
  • Liz Saville Roberts MP
  • Jim Shannon MP
  • Mr Barry Sheerman MP
  • Tommy Sheppard MP
  • Mr Dennis Skinner MP
  • Andy Slaughter MP
  • Nick Smith MP
  • Alex Sobel MP
  • Rt Hon Dame Caroline Spelman MP
  • Chris Stephens MP
  • Wes Streeting MP
  • Mark Tami MP
  • Derek Thomas MP
  • Justin Tomlinson MP
  • David Tredinnick MP
  • Stephen Twigg MP
  • Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP
  • Thelma Walker MP
  • David Warburton MP
  • Catherine West MP
  • Matt Western MP
  • Rt Hon John Whittingdale MP
  • Bill Wiggin MP
  • Dr Paul Williams MP
  • Chris Williamson MP
  • Pete Wishart MP
  • John Woodcock MP
  • Mr William Wragg MP
  • Mohammad Yasin MP
  • Daniel Zeichner MP