Why vote in the General Election?

Vote for what matters to you.

Voting is one of the simplest ways to participate in democracy, and a chance to make your voice heard.

We don’t often get an opportunity like this, and we encourage everyone who can vote to do so. 

MPs will be making decisions on issues that are important to you, like the health of our waterways. By voting, you not only show support for a candidate who most represents your views in Parliament, you are also sending a message about which issues mean the most. Voting does matter.  

So what’s next? 

Step 1. Make sure you’re registered to vote by 18th June 

🚩 If you need to apply for a postal or proxy vote, you’ll need to apply before the below deadlines.  

Step 2. Make a note of key dates not to miss:  

18th June – voter registration deadline 

19th June, 5pm – deadline to apply for a vote by post  

25th June, 5pm – deadline to apply for a proxy vote (someone to vote in person on your behalf) 

26th June – deadline to apply for Voter Authority Certificate deadline – you may need this to vote if: 

  • you do not have accepted photo ID 
  • you no longer look like the photo on your ID 
  • the name on your photo ID is different to your name on the electoral register 

4th July – don’t forget your ID, it’s election day! 

What do we want to see? We want whoever forms the next government to set out and deliver bold and ambitious plans to end sewage pollution into the places we swim, surf and love by 2030. We want candidates from all parties to commit to our End Sewage Pollution Manifesto and set out the policies we need to restore our ocean and rivers if they are elected.