The government can end plastic pollution, this is how

Surfers Against Sewage have released a report demanding the UK government take action to end plastic pollution once and for all. The report, aimed at policymakers, outlines how government can deliver a world free from plastic pollution.

With more plastics pouring into the ocean every year and people everywhere demanding their right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment, there has never been a more important time to act.

The report focuses on how the UK should implement a national action plan on plastics as part of our commitment to the Global Plastics Treaty in 2024. The plan, required by the treaty, should be an all-encompassing strategy to put an end to the pollution plaguing the ocean.

This would turn off the tap to plastic pollution at its source, by moving away from fighting fires and towards a system with clear governance which comprehensively measures plastic production, and sets strict targets ensuring goals are met. With the industry supported to transition and the onus on polluting industries to pay if they continue to pollute. This will ensure a strong transition into a circular economy and an end to plastic pollution once and for all.

The report also highlights the importance of policy to prioritise the wellbeing of future generations in its actions, on issues relating to plastics and beyond. This consideration would ensure our actions today, support the lives of people tomorrow.

To call on the people of power to take action we are heading to parliament to demand politicians support our calls today. We have shown the way for the government to plastic pollution, it is now down to them to act.

Read the report here