Meet an SAS Rep – Jake Chadwick

The SAS Chapters Network is a united, engaged, and empowered community of Ocean Activist teams across the UK. All taking collective and impactful action to restore the ocean. These teams are made of volunteer Regional Reps, together creating waves of change.

We asked one of our epic Reps – Jake Chadwick, if he could tell us a bit more about why being an SAS rep is important to him, and what difference it makes for the Ocean. Jake is a Rep in Swansea, Wales.

Why did you become an SAS rep?

I became a Rep after my partner Flo Taylor, stepped down due to other commitments starting her seaweed-based company. She still helps out at events though!  We are both super passionate about surfing and protecting the environment. Mainly so we can continue to surf, and do the things we love, but also to enable many people to find the same joy and passion for years to come!

What impact do you think being a SAS rep has for your community?

Having an SAS rep in the community has a massive effect. We get tons of different people at our beach clean, all with a shared common goal. This strengthens the community across all ages and backgrounds, gets people talking, and helps to amplify the good work we all do. What works really well in Gower and Swansea is that we have reps from different organisations all working together. This means we are able to reach a wider audience and provide a united front against the issues that threaten our environment, and our community.

Why is Ocean Activism important to you?

Ocean activism is important to me because the ocean makes up 70% of the Earth’s surface. In the UK we are never more than 70 miles from the ocean and it surrounds our great nation. On the Gower peninsula, and in Swansea, the landscape and the culture has literally been shaped by the sea. Therefore, I’m an Ocean Activist because it’s such a big part of our past and present, the ocean is intertwined with our well-being, globally, nationally and locally. To recognise this and be able to pay back to the ocean, which has given so much, is truly an amazing feeling!

What does the ocean mean to you?

The ocean to me is a great teacher and healer. It teaches me how to be playful, builds up resilience, and teaches patience. I am often humbled by the ocean, and I can honestly say I have never come out feeling worse than when I went in. Exhausted, cold and sometimes frustrated, but always with a grin on my face. Sometimes I think the ocean and the seals in the line-up understand me far better than the humans wrapped up in their thick winter layers in a blustery cliff top carpark ever will. But I grin and wave, as I know I will soon be on the loving embrace of the ocean, sea spraying on my face, wind whistling in my ears, playing amongst the seals.

If you too want to make a real difference for the Ocean then sign up to be a Surfers Against Sewage Regional Rep. Join a team of similarly minded Ocean Activists in your area and coordinate with them to deliver tangible change at a regional and national level. Go to our SAS Chapters Network webpage to find out more information, and click on the “become a SAS rep” button to fill out the application.

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