Campaign wins – keeping up momentum

Taking time to celebrate our campaign successes

Our goal to end sewage and plastic pollution is a big one. And that’s why it’s so important that we take time to celebrate all the wins on the wave to success. 

All of these wouldn’t have been possible without your support. Here’s proof our campaigns are working:

On sewage:

🔵 Water companies will soon be banned from self-reporting. The government have succumbed to our pressure and pledged that monitoring will be carried out by the Environment Agency. This is a BIG WIN.

🔵 Ofwat are reviewing water company CEO and shareholder payouts, as a direct result of our Dirty Money campaign.

🔵 100% of storm overflow pipes, in England, now have event duration monitoring (showing how long they’re active for). Now we need volume data.

🔵 Labour has made commitments to criminal liability for pollution incidents in its manifesto.

On plastic:

🔵 The government have announced a plan to ban the sale of disposable vapes. A huge victory in the battle against single-use plastic.

You’ve raised your voice in defence of our rivers and seas and people in power are being forced to act. Thank you.

A group of protesters hold signs on the beach at the 2023 Paddle Out in Falmouth

Falmouth Paddle Out Protest 2023