North West

Cumbria to the Wirral

What's happening in the North West:

Thousands of local people like you are coming together in 2018 to clean your beautiful beaches, raise money, and fight the blight of plastic pollution.

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Local Beach Cleans

Get down to your nearest or favourite beach and join the front-line in the fight against plastic pollution.


SAS Beach cleans so far in 2018


of you so far this year have volunteered your time at a local beach clean


of plastic pollution removed from your beaches so far in 2018

C'mon the North West
get stuck in!

Help make 2018 your best year yet and let's smash our targets...

Beach cleans

There are no upcoming Beach Cleans.

Why not step forward and Organise your own? It's a lot easier than you might think.

SAS Beach Clean

Organise your own SAS Beach Clean

Get stuck in and help us to protect the beaches you love in the North West. We've made organising your own SAS Beach Clean as easy and fun as possible.

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Do your own #MiniBeachClean

If you can't come along to an upcoming Beach Clean then why not step up and organise your own.

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SAS Beach Clean Box

Beach Clean Boxes in the North West

More about our Beach Clean Boxes


If you'd like to support our work in the North West we'd love to talk to you.

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Protect what you love

winter walks along the Wirral coastline

If you love ...then help us protect it

Meet your Regional Reps

Dedicated local volunteers who are passionate about protecting your coastlines for everyone.

Phoebe Neville-Evans

Phoebe Neville-Evans

Eryn Murray

Eryn Murray

Becks Gillmore

Becks Gillmore

Christian Dunn

Christian Dunn

Steve Wilson

Steve Wilson

Jayne Rigby

Jayne Rigby

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson

Gary Lovatt

Gary Lovatt


In their words...
why we love the North West

Stretching from the banks of the River Dee on the West Coast of Wirral, to the northernmost beaches of Cumbria, the north west of England has a varied and ecologically diverse coastline which is enjoyed by thousands of water users every year.

Known for its sweeping, shallow stretches of beach and prevailing Westerly winds during the summer months the north west is the perfect place during the summer for a multitude of water sports.

Towards the southern end of the north-west, the coastline surrounding the Wirral peninsular and Liverpool is fantastic for: windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, SUPing and kayaking due to its diverse ecology.

Head further north and to the Fylde and Cumbria coasts and you will be met with vast stretches of beach. The regions northern extremities, the Cumbrian hills, provide a dramatic backdrop to a coastline that has been shaped by the often violent short period swells of the Irish sea which regularly thrash this rugged and varied coastline throughout the winter months. There are a few surfable waves to be had for the intrepid and dedicated explorer and when they arrive they make for some incredibly memorable experiences.