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From the Scottish border to New Brighton

Few know the pleasure of a Fylde coast wave or a Cumbrian beach break, however, they do exist! Perhaps a region better known for the Blackpool Tower and Premiere league football the North West has a varied and ecologically diverse coastline enjoyed by thousands recreational water users every year. Home to thriving kite surfing, windsurfing and sailing communities the coastline of the North West is a resource to be enjoyed, explored and protected.

In the regions northern extremities the Cumbrian hills provide a dramatic backdrop to a coastline that has been shaped by the often violent short period swells of the Irish Sea which regularly thrash this rugged and diverse coast line throughout the winter months.

North West Issues & Campaigns

Environmental and wave protection issues in this region

Increased Coverage

The North West now has 5 Regional Reps covering it from Cumbria to New Brighton and through Blackpool, Southport and Liverpool. These fantastic volunteers ran 18 beach cleans in 2016 that engaged 195 people and led to the removal of 459kg of marine plastic pollution.

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Record Breaking Beach Cleans

2016 saw a huge jump in beach clean engagement in the North West with 18 cleans taking place throughout the year. These cleans were attended by just under 450 community volunteers who helped remove nearly 1.4 tonnes of marine plastic pollution from their beaches.

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Your local reps

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