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Tynemouth, Saltburn, Scarborough and Lincolnshire

The coastline from Scarborough to the Scottish border has England’s best surfing terrain. From the flat slate reefs and rocky points to heavy, hollow beach breaks, this area has it all. Northumbria has miles of white-sand beaches interspersed with point breaks, whereas Yorkshire has an amazing slate geology that not only attracts fossil hunters from all over the world, but also provides the perfect base for producing quality reef breaks. A tell-tale trademark of these northern waves is the brown colour of the coastal waters. This is not down to pollution, but more the silty composition of the soil and coastal sediments. However, north of Newcastle, the line-ups clear, and crystal-blue waves peel once again in the shadow of once-great castles.

Home to a thriving and hard core surf community, the north east coastline is steeped in surfing heritage, from its earliest roots in 1890 when two Hawaiian princes first surfed the North Sea in Bridlington, to the now thriving surf scenes in Saltburn, Whitby, Scarborough and Tynemouth.

North East Issues & Campaigns

Environmental and wave protection issues in this region

The year also saw the Reps Programme expanding and with it the coverage in the North East. The region now has 11 Reps ranging from Cleethorpes in the south to Northumberland. Together these committed individuals led their communities through 16 beach clean events helping to activate and empower 265 individuals to remove 425kg of marine litter. They also led 3 education talks, sharing their knowledge and passion with the younger generations.

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Record Breaking Beach Cleans

2016 was a records breaking year for SAS beach cleans and the North East was heavily involved with this. 17 beach cleans took place through the year involving just under 600 community volunteers and removing an astounding 1.1 TONNES of marine plastic pollution. Over 1,500 single-use plastic bottles were also recycled during the year.

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