Plastic Free Schools

A rule breaking, change making education programme




Plastic Free Schools is a pupil led education programme designed by SAS to create REAL positive environmental change in UK schools and beyond!!

Plastic Free Schools is a positive, investigative, action-packed vision for stopping plastic pollution at source. The programme will empower pupils to not only tackle unnecessary single-use plastics in their school but inspire Industry and Government to make positive strategic steps in the same direction.


Plastic Free Schools - Single-Use lineup

Why do we need Plastic-Free Schools?


Plastic pollution has sadly become synonymous with all of our favorite coastal and non-coastal outdoor activities – from surfing to walking, beach holidays to wildlife watching – it is simply an expected part of our experience. But one that we should not, and do not, accept.

Plastic Free Schools is much more than just an education programme, the collective actions of schools across the UK will feed into key environmental campaigns pushing for positive policy change and further protecting our precious outdoor spaces.

Plastic Free Schools - Workshop

Plastic Free Schools - workshops

Power To The Pupil – How to become a Plastic Free School



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To achieve Plastic Free Schools status schools will have to work towards five objectives.

  • Join The Resistance: Objective One  – It is time to resist this plastic flood. If you don’t act who on earth will? The environment needs YOU to take action on single-use plastics. Starting NOW, in your school.
  • On The Ground Action: Objective Two – Let’s eliminate single-use plastic together. To complete objective 2 you are going to inspire your fellow schoolmates to boycott single-use plastic bottles. Stemming the flow of plastic pollution before tackling the pieces that have already escaped by organising a very serious TRASH MOB!! (*a trash mob is a high energy litter pick in the school grounds, pupils are encouraged to run, jump and even shout while undertaking this task.)
  • Challenging Government: Objective Three – Never underestimate the power of your voice. Using everything you have learnt so far, write a letter to your local MP.  Your local MP has been chosen to represent YOU and the community you live in. Let’s put them to work and ask for their support!
  • Challenging Industry: Objective Four – Industry spends a lot of time and money making themselves and their products look good. More often than not it is the branded products that we find littering our playgrounds, streets, woodlands, and beaches.
  • You are the resistance: Objective Five – Creating a plastic-free legacy at your school. Your collective actions will already be sending a powerful message to the rest of your school and beyond. Objective five is simple we need to pledge to make these commitments last.
Plastic Free Schools - Single-Use lineup

Register your interest

To register your interest in the programme please contact Ellie our education officer on with;

  • Your name and role at school
  • School name and address
  • Class/year group/pupils that will be working on the project


Plastic Free Schools - resistance rally

Plastic Free Schools - class workshop