Plastic Free Schools


Plastic Free Schools is a SYSTEM SHAKING, change making pupil led education programme.

This ground-breaking programme equips and empowers young activists with the tools to create positive, lasting environmental change.

Created to hit key Early Years and National Curriculum targets, our five ‘Objectives’ guide students through the plastic free schools process in an easy to understand, purposeful and fun way.

Plastic Free Schools is a free programme for all UK schools and nurseries. Once your school is signed up you’ll have access to a whole host of resources including the five objectives you need to complete to achieve Plastic Free Schools status;  tutorial videos to guide you through the programme; lesson plans on plastic pollution, climate change and ocean health; and much more!


It has been great seeing the students getting involved, and wanting to make a difference to something they feel passionate about. We have been successful in ridding the school of a lot of single-use plastic, and will continue to do so.

— The Park Community School

The Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Free Schools programme has been a wonderful experience for everyone at our School. It drew together many of the things that we have been doing already and gave us both direction and guidance. The challenges were easy to follow and well-resourced and it was fantastic to see the whole school, including staff, parents and children come together with one very important purpose.

— Spring Grove School

The Plastic Free Schools programme has been a great catalyst for us to make important and long needed changes within our school. It has encouraged children to think about their local environment and to become budding eco-warriors. It has been great to see their passion and their excitement to challenge large companies on their packaging and also to work together to send a letter to their local MP – they were so excited when they received a reply from him!

— Southfields Primary School

The Plastic Free Schools programme has helped to raise awareness for the environment across the school in both children and adults. Through working towards the Plastic Free status, the children have written letters to major polluting companies, lobbied our local MPs and have even visited the Houses of Parliament to deliver letters to the government asking for action on plastic pollution.

— Troon Community Primary School

The award has helped our pupils in school to raise awareness around key environmental issues linked to single use plastics. We have been specifically focusing on the impact of waste on our environment and making positive steps to help marine life. The Campaign has allowed children to take responsibility and have a voice in challenging government and local industry to take these steps further in improving our school grounds and local environment

— Western Community Primary School

It’s time to get your school involved and start your Plastic Free Schools journey!