Here are some frequently asked questions. If these don’t answer your question then please contact us.

SAS Eco Surf Shop Terms

Full T&Cs here – http://www.sas.org.uk/shop-terms/

How do I become an SAS member?

You can join SAS here…

Where do I find my SAS membership number?

You will find your membership number on your welcome letter and subsequent correspondence you receive from us. Make a note of it for special offers on Facebook and our website!

Where do I find my SAS member’s password?

You will find this in the member’s section of Pipeline magazine.

How do I donate to SAS?

There is more information on donating to SAS here…

What is SAS’s charitable status?

SAS is a Registered Charity in England & Wales No: 1145877. You can find out more on the Charity Commission website.

How do I report a pollution incident?

If you spot a pollution incident of any type affecting your local beach please report it using the following step-by-step guide: Reporting pollution…

Can I report a pollution incident anonymously?

Yes! Please just contact the SAS campaigns team on 01872 555 950.

How do I report illness after using the sea?

If you become ill after using the sea please make sure you report it to us using our medical response form. Your information can help us build the strongest possible case for safer, cleaner seas.

Who do I speak to about with a media enquiry?

If you would like to talk to the media team, please contact SAS Chief Executive Hugo Tagholm on 01872 555 951 or SAS Campaign Director Andy Cummins on 01872 555 950.

Who do I speak to about a sponsorship or fundraising enquiry?

Please contact SAS Fundraising Manager Peter Lewis on 01872 555958.

How do I book an SAS education/schools talk?

Due to resource limitations we aim to organise schools & university talks in specific regional groupings or tours 2-3 times a year Each tour will cover up to ten schools in a region. However, from time to time we arrange bespoke talks so please do contact Dom Ferris on dom [at] sas [dot] org [dot] uk with your enquiry. Charges may apply.

Can SAS help me with my university or school project?

Unfortunately due to time & resource limitations SAS cannot assist with individual school or university projects. However, all SAS Reports and materials can be found through this website and we would encourage you to use these to help inform your project. For the same reason, SAS staff cannot make themselves available for interviews for school or university projects.

How do I become a Regional Rep?

We recruit new SAS Reps in specific phases to effectively manage and structure the initiative, and train the team. We aim to hold two Reps training events annually (Spring & Autumn) and will normally review new applications we receive a few weeks prior to these events so as to let applicants know if they have been successful in their approach. We try to get back to every application as quickly as possible however this may sometimes take some weeks. Become a Rep…

How do I find out who my local SAS Rep is?

Please take a look at your Region on this site and you will see the representation already in place.

What is SAS’s Health & Safety Policy?

Please see the following link to download a copy of this policy.

What is SAS’s Environmental Policy?

Please see the following link to download a copy of this policy.

What is SAS’s Child Protection Policy?

Please see the following link to download a copy of this policy.

What is SAS’s Equal Opportunities Policy?

Please see the following link to download a copy of this policy.

What is SAS’s Privacy Policy?

Please see the following link to download a copy of this policy.

What is SAS’s Fundraising & Sponsorship Policy?

Please see the following link to see our policy on donations.

Does SAS have public liability insurance?

Yes. You can download a copy of this here.

Does SAS merchandise use Fairtrade and, sustainable organic products?

Where possible, Surfers Against Sewage branded shop products must be made from environmentally friendly materials. SAS aims to actively source products made from low impact sustainable materials such as hemp, bamboo, recycled plastics and certified organic cotton. Where possible SAS ensures that all of its branded products are made without exploitation and their manufacture adheres to fair trade principles. We try to ensure that garments are printed using a certified organic textile printer organic inks or closet equivalent.

Do we use recycled polyester in our products ?

Surfers Against Sewage is committed to protecting the marine environment and will continue to innovate solutions to tackling pollution impacts. Surfers Against Sewage is also committed to supporting a circular economy and creating value by up-cycling plastic waste into functional and useful products of benefit to society. We currently use recycled polyester (PET), otherwise known as up-cycled plastic bottles, in some of our clothing products with a cotton mix. Some recent studies have shown that the washing of polyester can be a significant source of small plastic fibres entering the marine environment which is of serious concern to Surfers Against Sewage and our ongoing marine litter campaigns. Therefore, moving forward we aim to move to garments made from 100% natural fibres whilst still supporting recycled PET through other non-washable products. In the meantime we believe our products will prevent used plastic bottles from being landfilled or entering the ocean whole through careless disposal, a net gain for the environment.

Why doesn’t SAS organise the annual SAS Ball anymore?

Due to the change in licensing laws and the massive increase in competition, organising and running the SAS Ball is no longer economically viable. This is reviewed regularly and there may be exceptional years when SAS will choose to organise the Ball, such as significant anniversaries. As an environmental charity with an increasingly broad remit, it is also important that SAS focuses on its core mission rather than allocate staff time to organise this event.

Can I volunteer with SAS?

We organise a number of voluntary internships and work placements ranging from one month to a year. If you are interested in joining the team please send us your CV and covering note to hugo [at] sas [dot] org [dot] uk. For more casual volunteering email wendy [at] sas [dot] org [dot] uk.

Can SAS organise a beach clean at my local beach?

Unfortunately the beach clean team from SAS HQ cannot always visit every beach that we’re asked to go to. Please contact your local SAS Rep as a first point of call, as they often organise lots of local events in each area. Alternatively, you can organise your own, or lead one as part of our Big Spring Beach Clean initiative which takes place on the last weekend of March every year. How to organise your own beach clean…

Can SAS host a stand at my event?

It’s not always cost effective for us to visit all events however we do our best. If the team from SAS HQ cannot attend then we’ll endeavor to send a Rep along. Otherwise we can always send you promotional items for your event. Please contact dom [at] sas [dot] org [dot] uk

Can SAS sponsor individuals, events or student projects?

As a small environmental charity with limited resources we cannot offer any financial support or assistance to individuals, events or other organisations.

How do I unsubscribe from the Sewage Alert Service?

Please contact info [at] sas [dot] org [dot] uk for more details.

Does SAS only carry out projects in Cornwall?

No. SAS is a national charity based in Cornwall. We work on campaigns and initiatives nationwide. Established in 1990 by a group of passionate, local surfers and beach lovers in the picturesque north coast villages of St Agnes and Porthtowan, the organisation swiftly created a national movement calling for improved water quality UK-wide. SAS today has Regional Reps UK-wide and is proud to represent coastal communities across the country in the media, to politicians, industry and media.

Can I use the SAS logo to co-brand a product?

If you have a product through which you’d like to support SAS please contact SAS Fundraising Manager Peter Lewis to discuss the use of the logo and any other necessary background information. All relationships of this type require an official SAS agreement setting out the parameters of the support.

The SAS logo cannot be used without prior permission. Permission will be granted once the agreed benefits, including any financial contribution, for SAS are established and the environmental standards of the product are ascertained.

Can I use the SAS logo at my event?

If you would like to support SAS as the official charity of your event or business please contact SAS Fundraising Manager Peter Lewis.

Can I sponsor SAS?

Of course! Please contact SAS Fundraising Manager Peter Lewis.

Can I get sponsorship from SAS?

SAS does not sponsor individuals or events.