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Climate Change Report

The campaign

So what does climate change mean for surfers in the UK? Putting aside all the other global problems that climate change may cause for a moment, what predictions can be made about surfing in the future? Will it mean we can all surf in boardies as swell after swell generated from more intense storms slam into the coast or will sea level rise mean that a day at your local beach is a thing of the past?

The Climate Change Report report examines the possible impacts a changing climate could have on our waves, oceans and beaches, and those that use them for recreation. The report analyses recent scientific evidence on climate change relating to water quality, predicted sea level rises, coastal erosion, storm tracks, water temperature and ocean acidification. It also looks at the emergence of the marine renewables sector as one of the solutions to reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

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  • Download your copy of the SAS report, Climate Change: A Surfer's Perspective. Download document

Events timeline

Key campaign dates


Climate Change report released

SAS publishes Climate Change: A Surfer’s Perspective. The report analyses the latest scientific evidence available on climate change in terms of impacts on water quality, sea level rise, coastal erosion, storm tracks, water temperatures and ocean acidification. It also looks at the emergence of the marine renewables sector as one of the solutions to reducing our energy requirements. Download the Climate Change Report here…


SAS Reps march against Climate Change at the Wave in London

SAS Reps, campaigners and volunteers led the march of 50,000 people marching against climate change at Stop Climate Chaos’ The Wave march.  Marching around the streets of London, The Wave had an estimated 50,000 people calling for strong climate change commitments from world leaders at the UN Climate summit in Copenhagen.


SAS commission sustainable surfboard and launch the #BenWoodGo challenge

SAS commissioned local surfboard artisan James Otter to build an ‘eco-gun’, a surfboard constructed from wood sourced from local, sustainably managed forests, and designed to ride the largest waves the Atlantic can throw at the UK!

11 X European Champion Ben Skinner bravely volunteered to prove this sustainable surfboards can work in any conditions, even extreme winter storms. Read more….


SAS Support For The Love Of march and lobby MPs

SAS campaigners, reps and volunteers supported the Climate Coalition For The Love Of… action.  Thousands of passionate campaigners came together to lobby their MPs to support strong action to curb green house gases.


Sustainable 'eco-gun' surfboard conquers huge Atlantic waves

The #BenWoodGo Challenge goes off in huge Atlantic Waves with 11 X European Surfing Champion Ben Skinner demonstrating how sustainable surfboards can be used in any conditions, even in extreme waves!



6 billion single-use carrier bags given out after the bag charge.

CAMPAIGN VICTORY!  Significant carbon savings have been achieved with the introduction of the bag charge and 6 billion fewer single-use carrier bags given out.


Showing the love for oceans, waves and beaches.

On Valentine’s Day, hundreds of thousands of people the length and breadth of the UK showed their love for the people, places and life they want to protect from climate change. We took a giant green heart to the sea!