A Marine Litter campaign

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The campaign

The Unidentified Floating Object (UFO) campaign calls on the public to help identify persistent, unidentified marine litter from our beaches and report their own UFOs, in the hope that SAS can trace the the source of the litter and hold the polluters to account! The SAS team have already captured two types of mysterious UFO and are calling on our supporters to help identify what they are and where they might be coming from. Armed with this information SAS will be able to trace the polluter and work with them to prevent these UFO invading our beaches in future. SAS are also calling on beach users all over the UK to be vigilant for regular alien landings when on their local beaches!

The campaigns team have been working hard on identifying both of our current objects and has recently discovered the name and source of the blue foam balls washing up nationwide: TAPROGGE BALLS used in cleaning pipes in power stations amongst other industrial systems. We are currently in dialogue with the Environment Agency on how to prevent the further escape of these balls into the marine environment.

The second item SAS is seeing regularly on beaches and is having more difficulty in identifying are the blue ‘stoppers’, found regularly on Newquay, Porthtowan and Perranporth beaches in Cornwall. Ear plugs have been suggested but they are too big and hard for ears. These look like bungs, but who uses them, what for and where?

Get involved

How can you help with this campaign…

  • If you witness a UFO on your beach, and if it's safe to do so, capture it and send it to SAS's Area 51 gallery by post or send an image to dom [at] sas [dot] org [dot] uk and we'll upload it. From here we can call on experts all over the world to aid us with identifying these UFO.
  • Please also email your identification ideas of the two UFOs we already have to dom [at] sas [dot] org [dot] uk

Campaign timeline

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