Thames Water

Thames Water is a privatised water company in England, with shareholders primarily based in Germany. They are regulated by Ofwat and the Environmental Agency.

Thames Water had a staggering 17 serious pollution incidents this last year – the highest number in the sector.

Recently, Thames Water conducted a feeble publicity stunt where Sarah Bentley announced she would be ‘refusing her bonus’. Sarah instead walked away this year with £1,420,000 in total remunerations – that’s over £50,000 more than last year.

This outrageous behaviour demonstrates the company’s complete lack of respect to it’s bill paying customers and goes hand in hand with their long-standing disregard for our environment.

Water Quality Report 2023

Our in-depth digital water quality report provides an accessible deep-dive into the facts, and the human impact, of the UK-wide sewage crisis.

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